Weekly Review

The number of unique hits on this website last week stood at 1167. Subsequent reviews will be published on a monthly basis.


  1. EyeBeeKay says:

    blogging activities were rather low last week! just one post, i think.

    bro, a car is easier to keep / sustain in motion – than to move from standstill. same with a new blog…

    humans. creatures of habit…

    • Wao, Eyebeekay, you of all people should know better. What do you expect when one man is running the show? This blog is not exactly putting food on the table, it's majorly a hobby.

      Maybe when you and the other folks honour the requirements of your elevated status ….

  2. EyeBeeKay says:

    So sorry, bro!
    I totally forgot about the 'food on the table' part o..

    As regards honouring the invitation, patience…

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