The “Geek Store” Finally Unveiled

geekstoreThe veil has finally being lifted from the Geek Store (, an online discount electronic store that aims at making available and affordable, modern gadgets and accessories to everyone in Nigeria.

For a country where most residents are reported to live on less that US$1 a dollar, paying for most of these gadgets is almost unthinkable, even though many yearn for them.

At Geek Store, we believe in selling new devices from Big Brands at sensational and very affordable prices. Fairly used, open box items and factory refurbished gadgets, with warranties, are also available.

All the devices listed on the site are stocked in our warehouse and are available for purchase immediately. Delivery is guaranteed within 24 hours.

Geek Store is an affiliate of the Nigerian Technology blog, Diary of a Geek.


  1. Egonu Henry I. says:

    That’s a good one. Keep it up. Hope you expand on the available products with time.

  2. Samantha@ geeky gadgets says:

    Wow! This would be cool. Carry on. Hope for the best.

  3. Fortress Geek says:

    So, how’s things going for the store? It’s been a few years since its launch.

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