Create Free Websites Using Your Dropbox Account

Owning a website is the norm nowadays. Whether to showcase yourself or your product, most people seem to have a reason (or more!) to own one. However, not many are willing to pay for this service.

If you are among this category of penny pinchers, you are in luck. I know just what you need – Dropbox! Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. Dropbox allows users to create a special folder on each of their computers, which Dropbox then synchronises so that it appears to be the same folder (with the same contents) regardless of the computer it is viewed on. Files placed in this folder are also accessible through a website and mobile phone applications.

site44Dropbox offers 2GB of this space free for everyone that signs on. In conjunction with, you have more than enough space needed for a website.

Follow the steps below and you will have your website running in a few minutes. It is simple:

  • Create a new Dropbox account or use an existing one.
  • Go to Then click Sign in with Dropbox to get started
  • Click Allow to allow site44 to connect with your Dropbox account
  • You will be taken to a page on site44 where you can create your site
  • You have a choice of using a free site44 sub domain name for your website in the form or you can use your own domain name.
  • A new folder for your site will automatically be created in your Dropbox account.
  • You can modify the content of the folder to make changes to your site or you can upload website pages or templates to it.


  • It is great for hosting small websites with static content like an online resume site, but it lacks several desirable features. It does not support any server side code like Java or PHP.
  • No, you can not host a blog on it.
  • The free package, unfortunately, is very limited in features – Maximum data transfer of 100MB in a month.
  • Premium packages are not competitively priced, you will be better off hosting your sites with a regular web host.

Free users can create up to 5, low-traffic pages in this site.  is definitely not a replacement for fully equipped web hosting service, but for starters who don’t need all those features  and you use Dropbox anyway, then this is a good option. Do check it out!

Hack Hosting

How To Secure Your WordPress Blog – Part 1

WordPress is an open source and free blogging software. Two variants abound; are blogs hosted by the company that gave us WordPress, Auttomatic. Recommended to beginners with little knowledge of what goes on behind the scene of this blogging platform.


– is the safer way to go. There are a lot of mechanisms in place to make sure that you don’t accidentally break it or prevent it from working the way it was intended to.

– While no online platform can be regarded as impregnable, this is probably as safe as you can get. All of the technical maintenance work is taken care of by some of the best hands — Setup, upgrades, spam, backups, security, etc. Believe me, it is a scary world out there.

– It is free, with 3GB space to play with. This is more than enough. Diary of a Geek with over 300 posts uses less than 100MB of web space.

– Some of the best sites also use wordpress hosted blogging; CNN .

– Yes, your blog will be in the form of, say, but with $18 per year, you get to use a domain name of your choice.

Deal Breakers

– Inability to use your themes or plugins. You are restricted to a bunch of boring free and premium themes. However, from a security sandpoint, this can be viewed as a strength because most hacks into wordpress blogs are not via the blogging platform itself but through loopholes in these themes and plugins. Timthumb readily comes to mind.

– You can not monetize your blog with adsense and the likes. However, wordpress has its own home brew called Wordads.

– ads, though few, are present. You pay $30 per year to remove this.

These are self hosted blogs. You subscribe to a web host to host your blog.


– You have complete control over the look and feel of your site

– You can install any WordPress theme or plug-in to extend the functionality of your site (believe me, this is a very powerful and inexpensive way to add functionality to your website)

Deal Breakers

– Some level of skills is required to manage your blog satisfactorily.
– Careful, you can easily break something
– You need to manage your own backups. (However, there are free plugins to automate this easily.)
– Themes and plugins may contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited.
– You pay hosting fees.

In part 2, we would discuss some basic steps to secure your blog.


Blogging With WordPress

WordPress is probably the most popular blogging platform in Nigeria and of course, the world. There are other popular and free blogging platforms out there like Joomla!, Blogger and Drupal, but WordPress has been able to carve a niche for itself because of its eztreme simplicity and ease of use. For those that don’t know, a blog site is a website that allow for readers’ interactions to articles published on such websites. Diary of A Geek is an example of a blog and is built on WordPress platforms.

Gone are the days when you need a little knowledge of “rocket science” to set up a blog. Nowadays, all it takes is to subscribe to a web host that offers “easy-to-install” wordpress and with just a few clicks, you are done.
You may notice some similarities among some of these sites, with some being exact replicas. What determines this similarities is the theme being used. The theme determines the website layout or colour schemes and it is about the only thing that effectively differentiates your blog from the next. Really, nobody wants his website to look like the one next door, and this is why the template or theme you use is very important.

Lately, wordpress themes are also being used extensively in full website designs and has become a platform of choice. A good example of a website design based on wordpress is

There are lots of free templates out there, with a sizeable number provided by wordpress itself. I must warn that most of them are quite plain and unattractive. For serious minded bloggers, you should preferrably go for the premium ones as they are better featured, with just a slightly less possibility of stumbling on the design on another blog. However, free template or not, they are still chances that a thousand other blogs out there would have the same theme or look as yours. To guide against this, you have a choice of tweaking your template to further enhance or differentiate your site or better still, commission a good wordpress theme developer to produce a “one -in-a million” design for you.

I have been actively involved in wordpress theme development and would, in a few days, be putting up some of these for Free via this link . Look out.

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


Calling For Guest Contributions

Running a blog site like the Diary of a Geek is by no means an easy task, especially if you wish to keep churning out quality articles that will positively impact on Nigerians as a whole, locally or in diaspora.

Thanks to the efforts of  Wale Falade and Eyebeekay (Chief Guest Contributor), we have been able to keep the flag flying this far.

In a bid to keep our ratings up, we are inviting write-ups from everyone on any subject but preferably, write-ups with technological inclination. Emphasis would be on topics that are informative or inspirational.

Unfortunately, such contributions would not be compensated financially. However, in conjunction with, we would be rewarding a total of 12 approved articles from each contributor with ONE YEAR FREE SUBSCRIPTION to a domain name and our Personal Web Hosting Package (50GB Disk Space & 150GB Bandwidth). All 12 articles are expected to be submitted within a year but the reward would be given after the 6th article has been submitted.

Contributors are expected to cite their references, if any, to articles submitted.


.CO Domains – Free Offers

Missed out on a great .com domain name? You just may still get the .co variety.

For all practical purposes, .co domains are the same as .com domains; that means they are available to everyone on a first-come, first-serve basis. One of the biggest advantages of the .co domains, besides the fact that they’re similar to .com domains, is the fact that they are already widely recognized. One of the early adopters of the .co domain name is Twitter, which snatched the domain, and is currently using it as a link service.

Also, with Google’s consideration that .co is an international domain extension, it has the ability to perform well as websites in any country. This means that businesses will be able to successfully build on .CO domain names.

.Co is the country code domain for Colombia. It was originally delegated to University of The Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. For many years, the University ran tight controls on the domain name. Registration was mostly limited to Colombian companies with about 28,000 .co domains registered.

About ten years ago, University of The Andes started to look at opening up registration of the domain name. Colombia’s Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications got involved, and went through a painstaking process of figuring out the best way to open up the domain. The rest is now history. With at least 500,000 .co domain names registered since its general introduction in July 20, 2010, it is only a matter of time before most names are snapped up. A lot of domain squatters have already purchased names of popular companies for resale, a lot of individuals and companies have had to pay high prices to secure their brand names from these domain squatters looking to capitalize on this opportunity. Online retailer,, paid $350,000 for

The allure of a .CO Domain Name – What makes a .CO desirable

According to market research, the .CO domain is instantly recognizable as referring to Corporation, Corporate, Company or other Commercial endeavors and it is easily recognizable and memorable. Although .co was, and still is the country code for Colombia, it has also been relaunched and is recognized as being a new global TLD with all the global search juice that should entail. Other country codes that have gained wide acceptance are .tv (Island of Tivalu) and .me (Montenegro).

Dot-com domains generally go for N2000, but the list of memorable .com domain name is ever-dwindling. The .co domain name is not cheap as attention is now focussed on the TLD. It costs N6,000 per year for subscription for .co domain name alone.

However, from February 6-12, 2011, is offering .co domain names subscription for only N2,000 for the first year. With this comes the following free web hosting offer;

Disk Space 10GB
Bandwidth 150GB
Domains You Can Host 5
Sub Domains 10
Personalised Email Addresses 25
CPanel Hosting YES
SQL Database 5
FTP Accounts 1

Click here to pick up your offer immediately
. Use promocode 2000 when checking out your order and make sure you select annual subscription option!

PS : You also have a choice of selecting any of .com,.biz,.net,.org,.us,.info domains to benefit from this N2,000.00 offer!


Monthly Review – December 2010

It was a very eventful 2010. This blog site started off in July 2010 as an avenue to share technological ideas. Trust me, as easy as it may seem, blogging is not an easy task, especially if your focus is on publishing objective and quality contents. And if you think otherwise, please feel free to sign off for a VERY FREE web hosting account and start off yours.

Our performances for last month, December 2010, was very encouraging. The figures below attributes to this. These figures are, however, approximate values and are meant for guidance purposes only. But as usual, i do recommend Website Grader for anyone interested in improving on the Search Engine Optimization of his website.


Unique IPs (Not Visitors) – 3,619

Page Views – 13,153

Alexa Ranking – 112,392 (256,810 in November 2010)

Alexa Ranking (Nigeria) – 266

Website Grader – 92/100


Alexa Ranking – 81,399 (155,866 in November 2010)

Alexa Ranking (Nigeria) – 239

Website Grader – 92/100


Monthly Review – October 2010

Unfortunately, there would be no review this month. The blog site was transferred from to early last month. The change in servers and IP addresses caused a lot of the traffic data to be lost, hence, any data presented for last month will not be reliable.

We have also seized the opportunity to change our data collation technique to a very more conservative one. Instead of recognizing a single IP address as being unique based on 30 minutes intervals between visits to the site, henceforth, a single IP address would only be regarded as unique once per day, no matter how many times visits from that IP is logged in a day. Yes, our figures will drop drastically but we feel it is better to keep it real.

However, on a lighter and positive note, the ranking of the site on ALEXA, one of the major companies involved in website ranking, has improved from 1,222,490 in the beginning of October 2010 to 854,948 today. But more surprising is our sister site,, our Web Hosting arm. We opened shop on October 1, 2010 with a ranking of over 25 million. But as of today, the ranking stands at 793,740, thanks to your patronage and visits.

Alexa ranking is not foolproof and is being manipulated by a lot of sites, but we are more interested in knowing how much impact we are making in people’s lives. We count on your support in moving our ranking to the very top, edging out and from the top spots!


Monthly Review – September 2010

This review is coming in a little late, we apologise. We were moving this blogsite and its domain name from our former registrar and webhost, to Arthurwales Web Hosts. Expectedly, it went seamless.

Up from a former height of 6644 for August 2010, a total of 9576 unique visitors visited this site in September 2010, a 44% increase. There was an average of 320 visitors per day. There were 11 days when this average was clearly surpassed with the most significant being on the 5/09/2010 when we had 729 visitors. This was largely due to one of our articles “I’ve moved on…” that was linked to by the popular international Linux forum, I think we deserve a pat on the back for that recognition.

Thank you, and oh, Happy Birthday Nigeria!


arthurwales Web Hosts

I will be the first to admit that things have been low-keyed lately but, perhaps with some sense of loyalty, the traffic has not let up at all. Thanks Guys! We have since surpassed the traffic record for last month.

We’ve been working on a project for a while now which has come to fruition. The whole of this month has been spent trying to tidy up things and i must say that the I’s are all dotted and the t’s all crossed.

Arthurwales Solutions Limited is the product of this exercise. We are entering into the world of web hosting to make a mark and to make a difference. Our game plan is very simple, ” Hit The Ground Running”. Web Hosting business has become, ehm, should i say rather crowded lately so one really have to have what it takes to make a mark.It really has not been easy,  the financial commitment to play at the level we are playing is not cheap but that is the only way we can stay competitive while still meeting and exceeding your expectations.

We have no 200MB or even 2GB web hosting plans on offer, those wont get you very far. What we have are realistic plans to see you through years to come, and guess what, for even lesser prices, complete with free domains. Yes, you got it right, FREE DOMAINS. Our plans are carefully structured to bring on board loyal and dedicated partners, the profits will come some day.

Do not take our word for it, why not point your browsers to and have a feel of what i mean. Even though our promo prices are considered ridiculously cheap, we are offering a further 50% discount to REGISTERED MEMBERS ONLY of this forum, all you need do is to input the promo code artwales while checking out your order. Offers are limited and offerings will be based on email addresses used in registering on the site.

Please spread the word.


Website Hosting

A website can be regarded as the face of a business entity or an individual.To a large extent, it can be used to assess the personality of an individual or the nature of the promoters of the business, just like you do with handwriting analysis and the likes. Well, i’m not quoting any theory other than mine but personally, i will never stay a second longer or do any business with a company via a website that is shoddy.

Websites range from just a few pages to thousands of pages with varying technicalities implemented on such sites. But ever wondered where these pages or files reside? It could be as simple as the very PC you are reading my write-up from! So, why can’t i just host my sites myself instead of paying some fancy named company to do so for me? Well, apart from files been hosted on individual PCs for “seeding” on torrent sites and a few other instances, you will need to be tech savvy with a know-how of the technicalities involved in such ventures AND MOST ESPECIALLY,have the resources to dabble into such an expensive venture that is web site hosting, if you are to host your sites from your home or office computers. However, it is by far cheaper to do so with these companies, even when subscribing to more expensive options, no thanks to the inavailabilty and cost of essential basic requirements like stable power supply and internet service.

In this write-up, we will discuss further the concept of web hosting and their basic operational details in simple English, with minimal technicalities.

The most popular form of web hosting is probably SHARED WEB HOSTING because of its relative cheapness. In this form of hosting, a single server, which we can likened to a computer hard drive, is partitioned into hundreds of partitions to house as many websites. All the websites on this server share the system resources like the RAM and the processor. The major limitation of this type of hosting is that resources are limited, websites that require huge bandwidth, CPU usage or a secured environment to function are usually encouraged to subscribed to the more expensive and secured DEDICATED WEB HOSTING where only your websites are hosted.

Some of the most sought after features of shared web hosting services are email accounts (limited to avaiable web space), versatile web site administration interface like cPanel, customer support and server uptimes. Most important considerations are for sizeable web space  and adequate bandwidth at an affordable price. Lately, some companies have been offering Unlimited web space and bandwidth, you will do well if you do not take this seriously. Nothing is unlimited, even their server capacity is limited. Moreso, there are other considerations that will make sure you do not have this unlimited goodies. First is the CPU usage. Being a shared webhosting package, many websites are housed on a single server, each website has a limit to the server resource it can use. Secondly is the issue of inodes or let’s just say the number of files that can be contained on your web server or web site. They are limited but sufficient enough to sustain an average sized website but definitely not all types.

Lastly, not all types of contents are acceptable by web hosts. Most frown at pornography, hacks or cracks. Most also frown at anything that may consume large bandwidths on their servers, especially video and audio files. But if you really have to indulge in any of this, you may have to seriously consider changing to a Dedicated server or hosting your site yourself.

The importance of having a web presence can not be over emphasised, especially for businesses, whether small or large. In this time and age, it is very demarketing for a business concern to use free web pages or free email services like yahoo and gmail.

At the moment, the cost of hosting a site is almost free and quite a number of Nigerian companies are deep into such businesses.

Stay tuned to this site for more details on such companies.