How To Spot A Scam Bank Email

One common feature of most Nigerian scam emails is the lack of sophistication. They are fraught with grammatical errors and typos. The perpetrators of these scam emails are usually not very educated.

Their lack of sophistication is a good thing. It makes us spot a scam email easily from afar. Many of us have survived thus far because of this.

However, we are witnessing a new crop of “scammers” that are more technologically savvy and much more sophisticated. Grammar is no longer an issue and they are extremely good in writing malicious scripts (softwares).

All hope is not lost though.

Let’s review a scam email that was sent to me earlier this week. We will try to point out the red flags to look out for. With this, we can keep ourselves educated.

My comments in Bold Red.



From: GTBank <>  Sender’s email address is not from domain. Even if it is, it could be faked by a technique called EMAIL SPOOFING.
Date: Mon, Apr 04, 2016 at 9:22 PM
Subject: Customer Update Alert
To: <*******> The scammer was smart enough to send the mail to me directly and not BCC. But this email is not associated with any of my bank accounts!


Dear customer GTBank sends out personalised emails, with your name in full.

Guaranty Trust Bank eLectronic Notification Service (GeNS)

We wish to inform you that your account with us is due for an update.
Kindly login and update your details:

https:/www.gtbank/ibank3/customer-update/ This hyperlink masks the malicious site I was expected to click on. The URL was further masked using a URL shortening service. However, the link will lead you to where a cloned version of GTBank internet banking site is hosted. 

Please update within 24 Hours of notice to avoid Service Interuption/Suspension.

Thank you for choosing Guaranty Trust Bank plc
alert “Your Internet Banking user ID and password, ATM card number and PIN are confidential and should never be disclosed to anyone”.
Kindly log on to our website hyperlink leads to a cloned gtbank internet banking site hosted on  OR
Call GTConnect on 0700 GTConnect (0809 7393494), 01 328 0000, for more information.
Our notification service sent this mail to you using a default setting and the information you supplied to us when your account was opened.
If you wish to Iimit the type of mails you receive or the email address(es) in use, please send an email to us by clicking on the link below:
Send a Mail to Guaranty Trust Bank eLectronic Notification Service (GeNS)
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I Hate Blackberry

Is it just me or are there other men out there who, just like me, have a problem with the almost endless periods their wives (or women) spend chatting on their Blackberries? Anyone?

I have always given the Blackberry its due respect for what it stands for and what it has been able to achieve but I have never particularly liked it for a lot of objective reasons that I have listed here and here. From this disadvantaged point, I only need the slightest reason to nail its coffin and burry the device for good.

You see, my wife had her birthday sometime this month and she got a Blackberry as a gift. Of course she was excited about it but I had some reservations which I expressed to her. She replied, “oh, I wont go about adding just anybody’s BB pin (she has kept her word on this) but just a few friends”. Very reasonable, isn’t it? The problem is, I would gladly trade the few friends she has added for the whole world!

Right from when she wakes up, till she goes to bed, there is always that irritating and annoying chime that is always driving me to the wall. There is always a chat session going on.


“So, who are you chatting with this time”
“But you have been chatting with her all day, and it is rather late”
“She wants to know who got evicted from Big Brother’s house”
“Please just switch off that thing and spare a little time for your family”
“Why should I switch it off, at least, when you are with your iPad, you rarely have time for anyone too”

I paused as the truth sank in. As usual, she has won the argument. How exactly can I explain to her that what I do on my iPad is “brain” work on how to make the world a better place and not some idle chat?! I became more resolved in my conviction to sabotage her phone.

I had threatened to sabotage the phone and, really, I can do it. Thankfully, she is not very tech savvy, so I could just tamper with the Internet configuration and she would be no wiser. I am really bidding my time, will strike at the right moment, leaving no trace of my dastardly act.

Hehehehehehe. (Wicked laugh)

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Website Hosting

A website can be regarded as the face of a business entity or an individual.To a large extent, it can be used to assess the personality of an individual or the nature of the promoters of the business, just like you do with handwriting analysis and the likes. Well, i’m not quoting any theory other than mine but personally, i will never stay a second longer or do any business with a company via a website that is shoddy.

Websites range from just a few pages to thousands of pages with varying technicalities implemented on such sites. But ever wondered where these pages or files reside? It could be as simple as the very PC you are reading my write-up from! So, why can’t i just host my sites myself instead of paying some fancy named company to do so for me? Well, apart from files been hosted on individual PCs for “seeding” on torrent sites and a few other instances, you will need to be tech savvy with a know-how of the technicalities involved in such ventures AND MOST ESPECIALLY,have the resources to dabble into such an expensive venture that is web site hosting, if you are to host your sites from your home or office computers. However, it is by far cheaper to do so with these companies, even when subscribing to more expensive options, no thanks to the inavailabilty and cost of essential basic requirements like stable power supply and internet service.

In this write-up, we will discuss further the concept of web hosting and their basic operational details in simple English, with minimal technicalities.

The most popular form of web hosting is probably SHARED WEB HOSTING because of its relative cheapness. In this form of hosting, a single server, which we can likened to a computer hard drive, is partitioned into hundreds of partitions to house as many websites. All the websites on this server share the system resources like the RAM and the processor. The major limitation of this type of hosting is that resources are limited, websites that require huge bandwidth, CPU usage or a secured environment to function are usually encouraged to subscribed to the more expensive and secured DEDICATED WEB HOSTING where only your websites are hosted.

Some of the most sought after features of shared web hosting services are email accounts (limited to avaiable web space), versatile web site administration interface like cPanel, customer support and server uptimes. Most important considerations are for sizeable web space  and adequate bandwidth at an affordable price. Lately, some companies have been offering Unlimited web space and bandwidth, you will do well if you do not take this seriously. Nothing is unlimited, even their server capacity is limited. Moreso, there are other considerations that will make sure you do not have this unlimited goodies. First is the CPU usage. Being a shared webhosting package, many websites are housed on a single server, each website has a limit to the server resource it can use. Secondly is the issue of inodes or let’s just say the number of files that can be contained on your web server or web site. They are limited but sufficient enough to sustain an average sized website but definitely not all types.

Lastly, not all types of contents are acceptable by web hosts. Most frown at pornography, hacks or cracks. Most also frown at anything that may consume large bandwidths on their servers, especially video and audio files. But if you really have to indulge in any of this, you may have to seriously consider changing to a Dedicated server or hosting your site yourself.

The importance of having a web presence can not be over emphasised, especially for businesses, whether small or large. In this time and age, it is very demarketing for a business concern to use free web pages or free email services like yahoo and gmail.

At the moment, the cost of hosting a site is almost free and quite a number of Nigerian companies are deep into such businesses.

Stay tuned to this site for more details on such companies.