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Virtualization Part 5 – Final Notes

With this write-up, we conclude our series on Virtualization.

To toggle between full screen and minimized screen in Virtualbox, you press the key combination RIGHT CTRL-F. But by default, your Ubuntu installation can not be displayed at full screen without the installation of VIRTUALBOX GUEST ADDITION. This software improves the performance of Guest OSes and introduces features like seamless mouse integration between Host and Guest PC and improved screen resolutions.

Unfortunately, the process of installing the Guest Addition is not very straight forward but, as usual, if you follow my lead, you can’t go wrong.

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Virtualization Part 4 – Installing Ubuntu

This is a continuation of our series on virtualization. Read part 3 if you have not.

This series would address installation of Ubuntu as a Guest OS in a Windows PC Host. Follow the steps as shown below and you won’t go wrong. It is very easy.

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Virtualization Part 3 – Configuring Virtualbox

Read Parts One and Two of this series if you have not.

Ensure you have the Linux DVD/CD in your DVD Drive. We are using Ubuntu 10.04. Get one for free if you don’t have one.

Launch the Virtualbox icon from your desktop or the Start menu.

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Virtualization Part 2 – Installing Virtualbox

We would be continuing from where we left off. To continue in the second part of this series, i will be making the following assumptions;

– You have read the first part of this series.

– You are curious to know what Linux is all about

– You have a fairly modern laptop with a decent processor speed and at least 1GB RAM (2GB or more, preferrably)

– A Linux distribution CD/DVD. We would be using UBUNTU 10.04 for this tutorial. If you don’t have any, click here to see how you can get one for free.