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SMARTPHONES: Nigerians’ new addiction | Hallmarknews

Nigerians using smartphones By AYOOLA OLAOLUWA Many Nigerians are currently grappling with smartphone addiction, findings by Business Hallmark have revealed. Since its introduction into the country on the 6th of August, 2001, when ECONET (now Airtel), formally launched its services, followed closely by MTN, Glo and much later by Etisalat (now 9mobile), mobile phones have Read More

Buyer Guide: Best Cheap Android Smartphones of 2017

There are plenty of cheap Android smartphones out there. Cheap smartphones have the most basic specs and features possible. That means they are not great at anything. As such, if you are interested in one, you really should look out for those that offer you the best performance. Fortunately, you have us here at MobilityArena Read More

Freetel Smartphones: Made by Japan; Made in China

Freetel is a Japanese wireless carrier that also develops and manufactures Android smartphones. The company was established in 2012 and began selling its first batch of smartphones in 2013. The brand’s focus is the budget segment of the market. Made by Japan; Made in China As is the case with many other smartphone brands, manufacturing Read More

Features that changed the way we use smartphones {Part 2}

Picking up from where we paused on “Features that changed the way we use smartphones“, this sequel aims to highlight more features that have been introduced into our smartphones and how it has changed the ways we use our devices. Quick Charge Technology This feature and what it does is simple and direct. As the existence Read More

Features that changed the way we use smartphones

Who remembers the days when there were no phones in existence at all? When all that was used for communication back then were merely letters sent and received through post offices and also the fax machine. Then came the mobile phone. But still, all we could use our phones for was just to receive and Read More

12 Bezel-less Smartphones You Can Buy in 2017

In the world of mobile phones, a bezel is the outside frame of the front of the phone that surrounds the display on all sides – top, right, bottom, and left. Bezel-less Smartphones are mobile phones with the new design style in which two or more sides of a phone has no bezel. As such, Read More

The Search For The Perfect 7 Inch Phone

I decided a while back to try out a 7 inch tab as my main phone. My reasons were simple; My quest for a functional and productive mobile device informed my decison to a stick to a Windows OS powered tablet. However, the allure of an android tab remains. In a bid to save myself Read More

Bank App Users Warned Over Android Security

Mobile banking on Android smartphones could put consumers at risk of fraud and cost banks millions. An IT security company, MWR Labs, investigated the security standards of Android mobile phone brands to determine the overall exposure to risk of consumers who use mobile banking. It said that its results indicated that on some handsets as Read More

“In The Name Of The Father …”

The influence of technology on religion has long been a subject of discourse on this blog and it is definitely an issue that will continue to generate a lot of controversies. You can read my earlier posts on the influence of technology on religion here. Apart from the “End of the World” proponents who are Read More

Tracking The Cheating Spouse

Vehicle GPS trackers made a foray into the Nigerian market over a decade ago, and was made popular by the insurance companies who bundled these devices with their comprehensive insurance packages. The primary purpose of these devices is to help in reducing the risks the insurance companies face in the event of theft of these Read More

Toddlers And iPad Addiction

I understand that one of the main joys of parenting a toddler involves keeping the little one amused. Amused, as in quiet. Ever since the iPad came along, with its bright colors and infinite range of games and pictures, it has seemed like an ideal tool to keep baby happy. This happiness, however, is one Read More

Moving Beyond Megapixels : More Is Not Always Better!

New advancements are ensuring that it’s only a matter of time until your smartphone’s camera is just as good as a point-and-shoot. Smartphone cameras have come a long way—moving from convenient methods for sharing mediocre snapshots to near pro-quality image-capture tools in the right hands. Although the old benchmark of resolution seems to have topped Read More

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