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How to Recover Lost Files on Laptop Quickly with MiniTool

Losing useful files from your hard drive while using computer is a terrible experience. It may ruin the whole day, or even a couple of days. Well, what can you do to recover lost files? We guess the best answer is taking measures in time to recover data from hard drive. Classified by computer types, Read More

Meet Lion Laptop — A Laptop Assembled at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Yes, that’s the name of the laptop. The University of Nigeria, Nssukka (UNN) has finally announced its laptop assembly plant (located at the Nsukka Campus) after months of speculations. According to reports, the assembly plant which has been projected to produce 100,000 laptops a year, was established to make laptops (Lion laptops, in this case) Read More

How to Reset Laptop Password with UUkeys

What is UUkeys Windows Password Mate? There are a lot of reasons why some of us keep losing our laptop passwords. Some people are just incredibly forgetful. Others just aren’t that familiar with the technical processes involved in using computers. However, there are still those who are… Source link Read More

Extending The Capabilities Of The MS Surface Pro : A Review Of Plugable UD-3900 Docking Station

I use a Surface Pro 2 tablet as my regular laptop. With its up to 8 hour battery life, the tab stores enough juice to last an average work day. However, at home, its limitations become very apparent. For reasons best known to only Microsoft, this device comes with only a single port – a Read More

Using Gmail’s 2- Factor Authentication In Nigeria

Wikipedia defines Two-step verification (also known as Two-factor authentication, abbreviated to TFA) as a process involving two stages to verify the identity of an entity trying to access services in a computer or in a network. For Gmail, what this means is that even if your password is compromised, no one can have access to Read More

How To Set Up A Budget Home Entertainment Network

For many, the word “server” brings to mind an intimidating stack of unidentifiable devices with endless flashes of light. But in reality, a server can be that very basic featured, very old laptop or desktop computer you have gathering dust in a corner of your home. Wikipaedia defines a Home Server as a server located Read More

Setting Up Raspberry Pi As A Media Centre Device

In my last post, we looked into setting up the Raspberry Pi in general, and what that entails. This article is gonna focus on setting it up as a Media Centre device. I have lots of media (Music, Movies, TV Series, etc.) on my laptop and I’ve always wanted a stress free way to have that Read More

Shutdown, Hibernate or Put To Sleep – Which Option Is Best For Your Laptop?

You probably may have been faced with this decision more than once; Hibernate, put to sleep or simply shutdown your PC. What option did you take? What option should you take? Simply put, the choice is yours on the options to take. Your work schedule or purpose for use of these laptops should largely determine Read More

The Mach 5 – Cobranet’s New Flagship WiFi Modem

On 1st of June, 2012, Cobranet ISP replaced its flagship internet modem, the CN438, with the more modern UGO Mach5. Targeted at homes and small offices, the new modem boasts of an array of features, which includes a higher data transfer rate and, more importantly, an in-built WIFI router. I picked up one of these Read More

Be Your Own Boss: How To Startup Your e-Commerce Business

The traditional cost of developing an e-Commerce site is so large that most small businesses are unable to afford one. And then follows the cost of successfully marketing the existence of such site, which is also quite expensive. So what’s your best option? Own a shop online! There are a couple of e-Commerce sites that Read More

Hack Windows Password in 2 Minutes

At least, that is how long it would take me to hack into any Microsoft Windows account – 2 minutes! Very worrisome, isn’t it? Goes to show that anyone that thinks his data is safe just because it is tucked away in his passworded Windows account would really need to have a rethink. I will Read More

Another Problem With Porn : RANSOMWARE

So a friend of a friend was watching porn online and contracted a nasty virus. No, not that kind of virus—we’re talking about ransomware. The malware often announces itself in a pop-up and (wrongly) informs a computer user that their machine has been commandeered by law enforcement for illegal activity. It will not be unlocked, Read More

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