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My Facebook Lovers

Ordinarily, i am not the type that Kiss and Tell but the attention i have been receiving lately from members of the opposite sex has been so overwhelming that i feed the need to share my good fortune with everyone. Afterall, it is not everytime you have pretty ladies falling over themselves to catch the Read More

The Antichrist and Technology

What do we know about the Antichrist, the future world dictator whose coming is foretold in the Bible? Is he living now? Probably. And what about his new world order? Is the Antichrist already working behind the scenes to bring about his plan for world economic and political domination? It seems so. From all indications, Read More

How To Create a US Store Apple ID In Nigeria

Big ups to Uncle Jobs, the Apple app store was finally made available to us Third World folks in Nigeria. Not that i blame the guy for the delay, afterall, how much do we contribute to Apple’s bottom line, if at all. The joy of this “immense feat” was however short-lived when a disturbing aspect Read More

Nigeria fails to enact cyber crime laws

Nigeria has failed to pass broad-ranging laws against cybercrime. A collection of six laws put before the country’s parliament last month would have outlawed many forms of internet misuse, including spamming, online ID theft, and buying goods online using stolen credit card details. All remain permissible in Nigeria, whose only legislation on internet crime (article Read More