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My Facebook Lovers

Ordinarily, i am not the type that Kiss and Tell but the attention i have been receiving lately from members of the opposite sex has been so overwhelming that i feed the need to share my good fortune with everyone. Afterall, it is not everytime you have pretty ladies falling over themselves to catch the attention of a nerd.

Perhaps they love my blog and the way i write?

Check out some of the love letters i received on Facebook recently and tell me, honestly, if you wouldnt love to be in my shoes. Please look beyond the grammatical errors, “no be grammar we go chop”!

The last one is my favourite.


Dearest, In fact, I am very glad to write you at this time when the two of us looking for a soul mate in a beautiful place. My name is celina. I believe that this similarity that I have come knocking on the door of your heart, you open for me to enter. I’ll be very grateful if we can establish this relationship. I will stop so far, until I hear from you.

It’s me, celina

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Lots of love ELLEN !


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You new friend Miss Miracle, Thanks


Hello My Dear, Please pardon me if I busted into you in a wrong way, but i like to say this truth in my heart. I must confess that you are handsome and I would like you to know that this handsomeness i see in youis the heart of every woman. I would like to know you better as I am searching for a long lasting relationship. I am a woman and my name is Miss Precious Tamba and I just saw your profile and sincerely i like you and would like to have a good relationship with you. Also please tell me more about yourself, what is your Nationality, what is your job and your position in your working place and everything you think I need to know about you as your good friend. Sorry if I ask too much Question just want to know you better and as I said above my name is Precious Tamba and I will tell you more about myself too when I get your reply Do have a pleasant day and stay blessed. and here is my email address to write and send me an email

I wait for your I will send my picture if i hear from you.



What Features Do You Look For In A Keyboard App?

On any computing device, we want the easiest and most efficient way of communicating. This communication encompasses both information that we feed into the device, and the one we get out.

The effectiveness of this interface between human and machine determines if we are “getting our pound of flesh” from our “investment”

I shall be focusing exclusively on Android, an Operating System (OS) whose modular design allows the stock Keyboard to be replaced by third party ones.

In the quest for the best possible keyboard application, I have tried out quite a number, with different experiences.

Notable, among the numerous I have tried my hands on, include:

swype_logo_featureSwype is my personal favourite.

Modern keyboard apps try to alleviate the problem of typing on small screens. With phablets and tablets now common place, the benefits derivable while designing those apps are easily extrapolated to the bigger screened cousins.

I daresay that the specific keyboard app you are using on your device would affect your productivity significantly. That is why it is advisable to pick the “best”, at any point in time, according to to our needs. For me, the search for “the best” is perpetual.

So, what are the features to look out for, in a keyboard app?

“Swipe” Ability

All keyboard apps allow you to tap on keys. But an elite few also allow you to “swipe’ on your touchscreen. These keyboard apps allow you to type words by sliding your finger across your touchscreen, connecting letters together to form words.

Some of the apps with this “swiping” ability are :

  • Swype
  • Ultra Keyboard
  • TouchPal

and, recently,

  • SwiftKey Flow

In the past, I have tried to make do with keyboard apps bereft of “swiping” ability (because of some other features) , but found that I can not live with such. I always gravitate back to the “swipy ones”

AutoComplete & Prediction

The second compelling feature is how accurate a keyboard app is.

I love “psychic” keyboard apps. When “swiping: or “tapping”, it should be adept at guessing what word you have in mind by suggesting reasonable words once you type a few letters.

Now, the operative word there is –  “reasonable”

A keyboard app should arrange the suggested words in terms of recently or frequently used words.

However, one of the annoying things about lots of keyboards is that they arrange the suggested words haphazardly. Some sort the words alphabetically.

But my favourite, Swype, almost always manages to suggest words, in the right order, with the suggested default being the correct one – most of the time. One of the ways these keyboards improve their smartness is to learn your writing style from your social media activities (like Twitter, facebook, gmail and Contacts).

Ability to define shortcuts

Some keyboard apps allow you to define “replacement text” for cryptic shortcuts.

You type something like:

“Brb”, and you get “be right back”


“hagw”, and get “have a great weekend”


“afaik”, and get “as far as I know”

This can save you tonnes of keystrokes, depending on how you use this wonderful ability.

This ability, sadly, is missing from “Swype” – my favourite. I am eagerly looking forward to when this feature will be incorporated into it.

Personal dictionary

Lots allow you define a dictionary consisting of words that are peculiar to you. You can put words like Naira, kobo, technical terms, etc.

I guess the idea behind the “separation of power” is to make the main internal dictionary as small in size as possible.

Cosmetic Tweakability

There are keyboard apps with tonnes of customizations, ranging from themes, coupled with the ability to change almost all the elements on the keyboard.

If “cosmetics” is your onion, you may want to check out apps like A.I.Type Keyboard, or, Ultra Keyboard.

They give you the ability to tweak to your heart’s desire. Adjustable keyboard size? no problemo!. Customizable toolbar? They have you covered!

Multiple Language Support

If you are multilingual, you would appreciate a keyboard app that speaks your tongue(s).

Usually, there are downloable “language packs” for the different supported languages. That way, you avoid bloat by downloading the packs that interest you only.

Those are some of the features that you may want to consider when choosing your keyboard.

To see the significance of a great predictive keyboard, type on a Tablet with a keyboard like Hackers’ Keyboard,  and see the difference.

The keyboard app is the most used third party app on any modern mobile device. For this reason, only the best is good enough.

What other features should we look out for?


Are Nigerian Mobile Networks Heading For Financial Crisis?

Recently, one of Nigeria’s four GSM Service Providers, Etisalat Nigeria, rolled out a unique bundle offering  called EasyFlex. In this offering, you get to choose a bundle comprising of Short Messaging Service (SMS), voice and data services.

For N1000, one of the plans offer you 100 minutes of talk time to any local network, 100 Megabytes of data and 400 sms – also to any network. This same GSM provider ordinarily offers calls to other local networks at very low rates, forcing their counterparts to tow the line.

It is very comforting that market forces is now driving the Telecomm sector in Nigeria. However, the offer of cheap SMS by mobile networks may not be particularly enticing as the trend worldwide is placing increasingly less focus on SMS as a means of communication. People would rather use other Instant Messaging (IM) medium like Samsung’s ChatOn, Apple’s iMessage, WhatsApp, Nimbuzz, Imsy and numerous others.

Personally, I can not remember the last time I used a paid SMS service. Some services like VConnect and get2Sms offer specific numbers of sms freely. Google also allow you to send free SMS to most Nigerian networks while Facebook allow you free access on select networks.

These free services have always come in handy the few times i need to use SMS.

The bundled SMS is, however, not a deal breaker for Etisalat because even with the SMS taken out of the equation, the N1000 package is probably worth almost N3000 if the included services are used on a Pay as you go basis.

Promotional offers is now the trend in Nigeria and the subscribers are finally getting back what they had been ripped off of in the past. So much so that the regulatory body, NCC, had to step in to put a halt to the ”çat fight”. Competition is now fierce as revenue, especially, from voice calls keep plummeting. This is partly because the number and duration of voice calls have drastically reduced. There was a time in this country when networks were billing per minute. They are now billing per second, coupled with the fact that competition has driven down voice call charges to less than a quarter of what they used to be. SIM cards are being given out (practically) for free. One of the other things eating into the revenue of these networks is the use of satellite telephony to connection to the internet for close to free.

All these pose serious financial challenges to our networks here.

Meanwhile, like with every business in Nigeria, running costs keep rising. Recurrent expenditure is shooting through the roof for these networks.

Revenues are dwindling, running costs are rising. Add these two together, and you have a veritable recipe for business disaster.

It is no surprise that most CDMA Operators have closed shop in Nigeria. There are mergers and acquisitions going on. With or without economies of scale, it appears that revenue in the Telecommunications Sector is dwindling and will continue to dwindle in the foreseeable future.

This has left me wondering whether the pervading cutthroat competition in the telecoms sector would not  leave casualties in its path.

We have a situation where there is a crying need to improve the Quality of service of the Operators by investing more in infrastructure. They need to expand the network capacity. How are they going to be able to do this when revenue is being forced downwards? Any business faced with this kind of scenario would look for ways to reduce expenditure, so as to improve on their bottomline.

And I fear the first ports of call would probably be ‘downsizing’, more pronounced outsourcing, reduction of staff emolument, smart tax avoidance (not evasion) strategy.

This may not be all good news for subscribers at all.

In what way do you think these networks can escape this “Catch – 99” situation?

Do you forsee a improvement s in the Quality of Service, due to the ferocious combination.

Or are you like me – I can already see cracks, and a deterioration in service rendition. I see vicious competition having a “MAD” quality about it already– Mutually Assured Destruction.

What is your take?


Free WordPress Themes

Things have been kind of hectic lately but i have managed to round up work on my first wordpress blog theme. If you are viewing this site from a PC, you are already viewing the theme in all its glory!

This will be the first in the series of premium wordpress themes that we would be releasing to the public, FOR FREE!. The plan was to host the themes on but on second thoughts, it is being hosted on this blog. Please, point your browsers to to get your free copy now!

However, you must note the following;

– Download is available to only registered members of this site. You will need to register first to view the download link.
– Your blog must have a static front page. To do this, create and publish a new page. Then go to Administration>Settings>Reading  and set the page you created as your Front Page.
– After Installing the theme, click on Appearance>Advanced Options for a detailed guide on how to configure the theme.

Kindly leave a feedback in the comments section or on on your observations, bugs and suggestions on how to improve the theme.



Start Your Own “Nairaland” For FREE!!! is probably the most visited forum in Nigeria. Interested in starting up yours? You just might be the one to upseat Nairaland, and for free too!

Probably the best platform you can start your forum on is Simple Machines Forum (SMF). It is free and very secured. But most importantly, the process involved in setting one up takes just a few minutes. The steps to take are itemised below;

1. Order for a FREE web hosting plan from You may use an existing domain name with it or you may place an order for one.
2. Log in to your CPanel. If your chosen domain name is, say,, then your cpanel address is Your login details would have been provided in a mail you received when your hosting account with was activated.
3. You have a choice of an automated installation of SMF via Fantastico in your cPanel or doing it manually. You will find Fantastico under Software/Services in your Cpanel. Just Click on it and do a quick search for SMF. Installation takes a few minutes.

4. However, the best option to take would be to download the full installation zip file from, that way, you would be getting the latest version of the installation file, SMF 2.0
5. Create a database via your cpanel. Check under Databases for MySQL Database.
6. Upload the downloaded zip file to your web hosting space using the File Manager in your CPanel. Ensure the file is uploaded to the public_html folder , then extract the content there.
7. Type the following url in your browser;
Username and Password are your CPanel login details

In the Screen above, select a username and password for your admin login screen.

With this, the installation is completed. A sample installation of SMF forum can be viewed at

PS: If you get stuck or you will rather not attempt the installation, subscription to web hosting qualifies you for a free installation. Submit your request at



Let’s Go a-fishing

Something tells me the title of this post would probably draw in a few more clicks than it ordinary would. Power of sensational journalism you would say. Well, you are here already, why not just skim through the post, you just might find it informative.

The internet terminology called “Phishing” is derived from the word “Fishing”. Wikipaedia defines Phishing as a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Just like fishing with a fishing rod, a bait is set for a would be sucker to swallow usually by setting up fictitious web sites for use in collecting confidential login details to, usually, emails and internet banking sites.

And, surprisingly, such fake websites are usually very easy to setup, the reason why you find so many kids and scam artistes with little or no technological know-how delving into such acts. Most of us in Nigeria would have had the “opportunity” to have come across such mails several times. Guess what, it takes just a few minutes to set up a fake Gmail login page!

The world of hacking is extremely interesting and the few days i have spent studying for an Ethical Hacking certification has been a big eye opener. And contrary to what a lot of techies out there think, it is not always easy to detect such internet scams. Forget about all those scam emails being sent out by those academic half-literates and technological illiterates that you can easily spot a mile away, just pray to God (or whoever you pray to) that you do not meet up with the “whiz kids”.

Some may think it unnecesary and most may think that any free one will do, but I do strongly preach in favour of using, not just an Anti-virus, but an internet security software (Click Here) to protect yourself on the Internet. It is not foolproof, but it does help a lot. If there is just one single software you would be paying for, let it be an Internet Security software. And please, try not to get the bootleg ones from Computer Village, you just might be doing more harm to yourself than good.

PS: Check out our Facebook Page (


The Google+ Project – Free Invites

Google has unveiled its new social networking tool Google Plus (Google+) to beat its close rival Facebook. With the Google+ project, the search engine giant is planning to grab the search engine market, which is controlled by Facebook with nearly 700 million users.

Even Though the Google Plus project is in limited field trial, quite a number of users have been able to experience the features of the new Google+ social network. In our search over the Internet, we have noticed mixed reviews from various technology blogs and website editors who tested the Google+ platform. Some of them gave 100 percent marks for Google+, meanwhile some others reported it as a “complicated” platform.

As of today, Google seems to have stopped honouring any new invites to test the Google+ platform but for those that are still keen on testing the platform, all hope is not lost.

Anyone interested in giving this new facebook “killer” a spin should post a comment in the comment section with a GMail email address. Emphasis on Gmail email address. You will receive two mails, one from Google+ and another from Wale Falade (Google+). In the mail from Wale Falade (Google+), click on “View or comment on Wale Falade’s post”, then go with the flow, you will eventually find yourself in the Google+ project page.

PS: Do not know how long Google will continue honouring these invites, so jump on board as quickly as you can!


Country Domain Names Becoming Source of Revenue

Logging in to Facebook? Sure, you can use the social networking site’s full Web address, or you can just type

The keystroke-saving shortcut is possible because the government of Montenegro makes its “country code top-level domain” — the .me suffix — available to commercial and private Internet users, for a fee. Facebook and other companies have snapped up such addresses to help draw more users to their sites — or to prevent rivals from doing so.

The sale of country codes by governments that got lucky when the endings were allocated, securing two-letter combinations that double as widely recognized words or symbols, is not new. The island nation of Tuvalu, for example, has sold its code, .tv, for more than a decade.

With a few exceptions, Internet addresses that end with country codes have failed to catch on with consumers, and .com remains the suffix of choice for marketers seeking to establish their Web credentials. But now companies that market country codes like .me, .tv and .co, for Colombia, are stepping up their efforts to sell them worldwide.

“The opportunity for us is to become the platform of choice for entrepreneurs around the world,” said Juan Diego Calle, chief executive of .CO Internet, a Miami-based company that operates the .co registry under license from the Colombian government. “To do that, we want to build massive awareness.”

One reason for the renewed push is a shortage of potential names ending with the most widely used domain suffix, .com. More than 90 million .com addresses are already in use, and the companies that sell them say few letter combinations are still available.

Another reason is a liberalization of the domain name system. The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers, the organization that oversees Internet addresses, recently made it possible to create domain names in non-Latin alphabets, including Cyrillic and Arabic; next year, the organization wants to make it possible to create all sorts of new endings, like .paris or .shopping. Countries like Colombia and Montenegro want to get in before their country codes are lost in the crowd.

For cash-strapped governments, the sale of country code domain names is also a nice little earner. Colombia, for example, gets 25 percent of the revenue from sales of the .co name under its deal with .CO Internet. Last year, the company generated a total of $20 million from the sale of .co domains; this year, that is expected to rise to more than $30 million, Mr. Calle said.

More than 600,000 .co addresses have been sold, in more than 200 countries, he said. Only about 20,000 of those are actually from Colombia, with the most interest coming from the United States and Europe.

The company predicts that the total number of .co registrations will rise to five million within five years. Mr. Calle is hoping for a surge of interest after a high-profile marketing pitch over the weekend. During the Super Bowl, the championship game of American football, the world’s largest domain name registrar, Go Daddy, was set to highlight .co in an advertisement — featuring, as is typical of the company’s cheesy but attention-grabbing spots, “Go Daddy girls” in tight T-shirts and hot pants. In advance of the game, Go Daddy said it planned to introduce a new member of the team, a “.co girl.”

While some country codes have had a hard time attracting anything other than niche interest, analysts say the Colombian suffix may have a better chance to rival .com because the letters “co” are recognized in many languages as an abbreviation for “company” and are not merely seen as an abbreviation for the country’s name.

“As long as it doesn’t become well-known that it’s just a bastardization of the country code for Colombia, it could take off,” said Josh Bourne, managing partner of FairWinds Partners, which advises companies on the use of domain names.

Many of the names with suffixes like .co or .me are simply defensive registrations by companies that want to prevent practices like “cybersquatting” or “domain name parking” — that is, the registration of their name by a third party that essentially holds it for ransom.

To prevent that, the operators of a new top-level domain like .co are now generally required to let brand or trademark owners register their own names during a so-called sunrise period. As a result, the address, for example, automatically redirects traffic to the company’s main site,

Some companies have been making more creative use of country code domain endings. Like Facebook, a number of well-known Web sites have used them for abbreviated addresses; these include, an online retailer, which recently added a shorter address,, using the Colombian country code.

DoMEn, the company that operates the .me registry, has been promoting the use of .me for social media sites and bloggers, seeing it as a natural appendage for people who want to tell the world about themselves. The suffix has been employed, for example, by, a start-up that lets users create personal profile pages that aggregate their presence on other social networking services; was acquired by AOL in December.

Other country codes that have been adopted for similar uses include .at (Austria), .cc (Cocos Islands) and .tm (Turkmenistan.)

Yet not every country is eager to see its two-letter code adopted by marketers all over the world. France, for example, requires users of .fr to have a physical presence in the country.

“Some countries wanted to keep their domains clean and restrictive, but most of them have given up on that by now, in the search for additional revenue,” Mr. Bourne said.

While some of the companies selling country code domain names play down their affiliation with the countries that own the rights to these endings, seeing it as a barrier to wider international adoption, that is not the case for doMEn.

“It’s a good promotion for Montenegro, said Natasa Djukanovic, international sales director at DoMEn. “A lot of people who didn’t even know we existed now know where we are.”

Culled from The New York Times

Hosting listed In The Top 100,000 Websites In The World!

After only 3 months of operation, the website has been listed as one of the top 100,000 websites in the world. This is in line with our goal of replacing Google and Facebook in the top spots. As of 21 December, 2010, the website’s ranking stood at 98,594th website in the world, according to Alexa Ranking.

The Ranking Company also listed the site as the 267th most visited site in Nigeria.

Thank you so much for your patronage!



How Safe is your Business?

Just how safe is that business model of yours? For how long will your business be a going concern?  This question is especially pertinent in the technology world. The threat of the big names muzzling or stifling the smaller companies out of business is becoming a very clear and present danger. They seem to be involved in about every thing technology!

You already have your business on-track, running smoothly, the cash is rolling into your bank accounts.  Then out of the blues, the very foundation is bull-dozed out of your business. Some examples of this kind of situation is the decision by facebook, google and such behemoths to implement their own URL shorteners.  If  Twitter also comes out to join this gang, well, you get the picture! With this singular move, any URL shortening company, that bases its income directly or indirectly on offering URL shortening service, should be worried  and start thinking fast. A list of existing URL shorteners that may find their businesses threatened can be found here.

Yet another example is the fairly  new service by Google allowing you to send smses from your computer – for free. So, what will be the fate of web-sms services companies ?

Again, you are a manufacturer of digital cameras, Good! That is your buiness area. You have invested good money, spent time and cool cash on Research and Development. Suddenly, a phone manufacturer like Nokia decides to incorporate a class-braking camera in a Nokia N8. And you can be sure other manufacturers will follow the suit.

Nowadays, cameras, clocks, FM radios, GPSes, Altimeters, Portable television sets are now within the domain of Phone Handset manufacturers. What happens to companies who have their business models based exclusively, say, on the manufacture of just one of these items? In the era of digital convergence, we are beginning to have single devices combining numerous functions.

When we talk of storage today, hard disk manufacturers had also better re-invent their business strategies, Flash technology will eventually totally replace the conventional hard disk – as we know them today.

The list is endless. One thing that is , however, common to all is that in today’s world of rapid-fire technology innovation, it is becoming increasingly difficult for smaller companies with expertise in narrow fields to stay relevant.

It is worrisome!