Tech Company to grow Nollywood penetration on more devices in Africa

There are plans to help broaden the availability of Nollywood video content to more people in Africa and beyond with efforts by Envivo Communications and Cisco Infinite Video Platform to enable subscriber’s access more ‘Nollywood’ and international video content on more devices. With video streaming fast becoming the norm for watching movies, shows and other Read More

BlueBorne Attacks: Tips to protect yourself and your Bluetooth-enabled devices

September 19, 2017 • Security, Top Stories BlueBorne Attacks: Tips to protect yourself and your Bluetooth-enabled devices. (image source: Fortinet) Fortinet has urged caution regarding a new Bluetooth exploit, known as BlueBorne, that has been discovered to exploit a number of Bluetooth… Read full story here Read More

How to Fix Heating Problem in Android Phones and Devices

Many deliberate actions like multitasking, running a lot of background services, overcharging device, playing heavy games and etc. cause device Android overheating problem. These reasons does not only overheat your device but they consume precious device resources as well for no good reasons. To deal with it, you can follow certain steps to fix the Read More

Computer Networking

One aspect of computer technology that i have been most fascinated about is Networking. At one time or the other most of us would have come across application of basic or obvious forms of networking, say, connection of multiple computers to a single printer or sharing of a single internet access among different computers. In Read More

Virtualization Part 5 – Final Notes

With this write-up, we conclude our series on Virtualization.

To toggle between full screen and minimized screen in Virtualbox, you press the key combination RIGHT CTRL-F. But by default, your Ubuntu installation can not be displayed at full screen without the installation of VIRTUALBOX GUEST ADDITION. This software improves the performance of Guest OSes and introduces features like seamless mouse integration between Host and Guest PC and improved screen resolutions.

Unfortunately, the process of installing the Guest Addition is not very straight forward but, as usual, if you follow my lead, you can’t go wrong. Read More