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Your Customers Are Online. Your Competitors Are Online. Are You?

The story is told of two business men having the same product. And at the end of the day, the other one got a single client, while the one who worked from home got 5 clients.

How did he do this?

He made use of online marketing strategies, which allowed him to cater for many customers at the same time, even reaching out to clients around the globe.

The key to your online marketing strategy is a business website. Having a website for your Business has many benefits, including;

  • Prospective clients can easily find you. Most start their search online!
  • Prospective clients can learn more about you
  • Gain credibility for your business
  • Showcase your products or services
  • Your business never sleeps, remains open 24 hours a day.
  • Your website serves as a hub for your social media profiles
  • Collect contact information from people interested in your products or services

arthurwales.comVisit and select from our pool of professionally designed websites.

With as little as N12,000.00, and within 24 hours only, we would help put your business on the Internet. That is our guarantee to you.

Do things right that is worth it. We can do it right for you.

Advertorial Hosting Technology

Now You Can Put Your Business In The Streets is now live. A classified adverts site developed to support the Diary of a Geek blog.

The site has a simple, minimalist design that is so clean, intuitive, super flexible with a fully responsive design that renders beautifully on any device it is viewed from. It is indeed a pleasure to browse the site.

Devoid of all distractions and “bling bling”, we put the focus on the contents – the adverts!

Please help in building up the traffic on– advertise your products, job openings, gadget sales, announcements, …anything! What do you care, afterall it’s free!!!

In the nearest future, we hope to develop the site to be able to support, financially, the vision we have for this blog.

Suggestions on how to improve on the site is very welcome. Please send your comments to

Now, confidently, you can put your business in the streets!


Search For Passive Income

OLX and craiglist are examples of sites that use the type of advert platform that is now on

The platform is open source so most likely no two sites will be the same as you have a free rein to get your hands dirty manipulating the underlying code.

Please help to review the site by publishing an advert (or more!). You may also compare to earlier mentioned sites.

By the way, it looks good on mobiles too.


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Hosting Tutorials

How To Move Your Blog To A New Hosting Company

lgSo you finally decided to move your WordPress blog or site to but you have no clue how to go about it. Or maybe you do but you find all this database thingy a bit tricky. And perhaps, that has been the only reason you have stayed on with your present hosting company even though their services sucks.

These scenarios sound familiar to anyone?

It is funny how easy the process of moving hosts is, no thanks to the “geeks” that paint the whole process as nigthmarish, using “geek speak” to describe processes that can be explained in simple (Nigerian) English!

The procedure may differ slightly depending on the control panel you are using. cPanel is probably one of the most common and the easiest to work with, however the underlying principles is the same with all control panels. At, we have migrated, successfully, websites from even open source control panels like Virtualmin and ISPConfig.

For this purpose, we would assume you are using cPanel.

Here goes …

  1. Subscribe for a hosting account with
  2. On subscription, a mail will be sent to you titled NEW ACCOUNT INFORMATION which will contain your server account details and the login information. Also contained in this mail are two important URLS in the form  http://174.122.148.***:2082/ (Temporary Control Panel URL) and  http://174.122.148.***/~rztiartt/ (Temporary Webpage URL)
  3. Log into your cPanel Using your Temporary Control Panel URL and use Fantastico or QuickInstall to install WordPress. Perform all necessary updates.
  4. Create a backup of your website and download to your PC. Do this by logging into your old cpanel – under FILES, click BACKUPS. Under Full backup, click “Download or Generate a Full Website Backup”. Save file to your Home Directory, then copy to your PC.
  5.  The backup file is usually in a compressed format. Use an application like WinZip or Winrar to extract the content to a folder on your PC. We will call this extracted folder “BACKUP” folder.
  6. In the BACKUP folder, look for a file with “BIZ_DIR” extension. It is usually the largest file. Change the extension of this file to “ZIP” and extract to a folder on your desktop.
  7. Navigate to the folder “public_html”.
  8. Select and Upload the entire WP-Content folder from your old host and overwrite same in the public_html folder of your account with your new host –
  9. Go into your new hosting control panel and find out how to get into phpmyadmin. Once you are in phpmyadmin click on your database name on the left.
  10. Click on the “Import” tab on the top of the screen.
  11. Under “File to Import”, browse to the BACKUP folder and look for a compressed file in the format domainname_mysql_domainname. Select it. This is your mysql backup. Click the “Go” button at the bottom of the page. With this, you have successfully imported the database from your old blog.
  12. Now go to your new blog using your Temporary Webpage URL and it should let you in it, then login with your username and password from your old blog and then your all set, your blog should work the same as if it was on your old host.
  13. From your domain registrar admin panel, change your nameservers to that of the new host: and

Migration of your blog is now completed. Easy ain’t it? This method guarantees NO downtime to your blog.

The tutorial above on moving your website to another host is probably the easiest approach you can ever get. However, if you still find it difficult wrapping your head around it,or you would rather not take the risk so that you don’t break something, please sign up for our premium support on It is going for a promotional 50% discount price of N15,000.00. We will take care of all your web hosting scary stuffs and much more! … “So, why don’t you host with us?”


Finally, Quality Web Hosting At An Affordable Price!

lgNo matter what you are looking for, you most likely want the highest quality you can get – at the right price too. Hosting is no different. Everywhere you turn nowadays, there are countless web hosting companies just a click away. How do you sieve the wheat from the chaff? And how do you separate those who are only out to make a quick buck from those who are in it for the long haul? Beyond the glitz, razzmatazz and the fancy words, it is a difficult task. Really, it is like a jungle out there and the consumers are at the receiving end.

But where can you get quality web hosting?

Now in its 3rd year of web hosting, is an authorized reseller of Hostgator web Hosting services in Nigeria. At, we believe that high quality web hosting is the right of everyone. And by quality hosting, we mean quick response times to inquiries, minimum downtime and enhanced features of our offerings. What probably widens the gap between us and the competition is our fanatical support to our clients. We take this very personal.

We also understand that not everybody can be a geek, not when you have your primary business to attend to. We will offer you our premium support for a little fee per year. With this, for individuals and small businesses, you effectively leave all the technicalities to us while you face your primary business. Think of us as your Information Technology department.

We must, however, point out that our hosting services is not for everyone – and we have no apologies for this. If you are looking for “unlimited web hosting” or the cheapest web hosting services, we are probably not the right provider for you. Quality sometimes come at a cost.

Check out who we are and judge for yourselves;

We’re a real company.

Arthurwales Solutions Limited is a company registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with RC908231. Unlike many fly-by-night bedroom hosts, you have the security of hosting with an established Nigerian registered company.

We know what we’re doing.

With years of private and commercial hosting experience under our belts, we know how to provide quality hosting

We’re reliable.

Powered by the biggest name in web hosting, Hostgator.

We are Fanatics!

With fast support turn-around time, usually under a few hours. Prompt support via email, round the clock, 365 days a year. Third level tech support is also available, if needed. Yes, we are fanatical about our support.

All accounts come with cPanel control panel and Fantastico.

Powerful, with plenty of features and easy to use point and click interface. Mail options allow you to setup email accounts, auto-responders, forwards, and more. Your choice of two webmail programs (Horde or Squirrel Mail) with Spam Assassin included.

30 days money back guarantee

We mean what we say and we do say only what we mean – no ambiguity.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. All our plans carry a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our services within the first 30 days of activating your account, simply submit a cancellation request. You will then be given a full refund for any hosting fees charged. (Not applicable to domain names. Once registered, you own the rights to the domain name)

“So, why don’t you host with us?” is supported by “Diary of a Geek“, Nigeria’s leading Technology blog.


Free WordPress Themes

Things have been kind of hectic lately but i have managed to round up work on my first wordpress blog theme. If you are viewing this site from a PC, you are already viewing the theme in all its glory!

This will be the first in the series of premium wordpress themes that we would be releasing to the public, FOR FREE!. The plan was to host the themes on but on second thoughts, it is being hosted on this blog. Please, point your browsers to to get your free copy now!

However, you must note the following;

– Download is available to only registered members of this site. You will need to register first to view the download link.
– Your blog must have a static front page. To do this, create and publish a new page. Then go to Administration>Settings>Reading  and set the page you created as your Front Page.
– After Installing the theme, click on Appearance>Advanced Options for a detailed guide on how to configure the theme.

Kindly leave a feedback in the comments section or on on your observations, bugs and suggestions on how to improve the theme.



Start Your Own “Nairaland” For FREE!!! is probably the most visited forum in Nigeria. Interested in starting up yours? You just might be the one to upseat Nairaland, and for free too!

Probably the best platform you can start your forum on is Simple Machines Forum (SMF). It is free and very secured. But most importantly, the process involved in setting one up takes just a few minutes. The steps to take are itemised below;

1. Order for a FREE web hosting plan from You may use an existing domain name with it or you may place an order for one.
2. Log in to your CPanel. If your chosen domain name is, say,, then your cpanel address is Your login details would have been provided in a mail you received when your hosting account with was activated.
3. You have a choice of an automated installation of SMF via Fantastico in your cPanel or doing it manually. You will find Fantastico under Software/Services in your Cpanel. Just Click on it and do a quick search for SMF. Installation takes a few minutes.

4. However, the best option to take would be to download the full installation zip file from, that way, you would be getting the latest version of the installation file, SMF 2.0
5. Create a database via your cpanel. Check under Databases for MySQL Database.
6. Upload the downloaded zip file to your web hosting space using the File Manager in your CPanel. Ensure the file is uploaded to the public_html folder , then extract the content there.
7. Type the following url in your browser;
Username and Password are your CPanel login details

In the Screen above, select a username and password for your admin login screen.

With this, the installation is completed. A sample installation of SMF forum can be viewed at

PS: If you get stuck or you will rather not attempt the installation, subscription to web hosting qualifies you for a free installation. Submit your request at



Free UNLIMITED Web Hosting

In celebration of the one year anniversary of this blog, our hosting provider, arthurwales solutions, is offering our readers FREE subscription to web hosting services with UNLIMITED features for ONE YEAR.

You could either register your domain name for only N2,000 and have the web hosting services thrown in for free or you may use your existing domain name.

Click on the link and select “Enterprise” Hosting Plan. Ensure you also select ANNUAL billing option. Use the promo code unlimited during check out.

Offer ends on Sunday, 24th July, 2011 at 23:59 GMT+1



Calling For Guest Contributions

Running a blog site like the Diary of a Geek is by no means an easy task, especially if you wish to keep churning out quality articles that will positively impact on Nigerians as a whole, locally or in diaspora.

Thanks to the efforts of  Wale Falade and Eyebeekay (Chief Guest Contributor), we have been able to keep the flag flying this far.

In a bid to keep our ratings up, we are inviting write-ups from everyone on any subject but preferably, write-ups with technological inclination. Emphasis would be on topics that are informative or inspirational.

Unfortunately, such contributions would not be compensated financially. However, in conjunction with, we would be rewarding a total of 12 approved articles from each contributor with ONE YEAR FREE SUBSCRIPTION to a domain name and our Personal Web Hosting Package (50GB Disk Space & 150GB Bandwidth). All 12 articles are expected to be submitted within a year but the reward would be given after the 6th article has been submitted.

Contributors are expected to cite their references, if any, to articles submitted.


.CO Domains – Free Offers

Missed out on a great .com domain name? You just may still get the .co variety.

For all practical purposes, .co domains are the same as .com domains; that means they are available to everyone on a first-come, first-serve basis. One of the biggest advantages of the .co domains, besides the fact that they’re similar to .com domains, is the fact that they are already widely recognized. One of the early adopters of the .co domain name is Twitter, which snatched the domain, and is currently using it as a link service.

Also, with Google’s consideration that .co is an international domain extension, it has the ability to perform well as websites in any country. This means that businesses will be able to successfully build on .CO domain names.

.Co is the country code domain for Colombia. It was originally delegated to University of The Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. For many years, the University ran tight controls on the domain name. Registration was mostly limited to Colombian companies with about 28,000 .co domains registered.

About ten years ago, University of The Andes started to look at opening up registration of the domain name. Colombia’s Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications got involved, and went through a painstaking process of figuring out the best way to open up the domain. The rest is now history. With at least 500,000 .co domain names registered since its general introduction in July 20, 2010, it is only a matter of time before most names are snapped up. A lot of domain squatters have already purchased names of popular companies for resale, a lot of individuals and companies have had to pay high prices to secure their brand names from these domain squatters looking to capitalize on this opportunity. Online retailer,, paid $350,000 for

The allure of a .CO Domain Name – What makes a .CO desirable

According to market research, the .CO domain is instantly recognizable as referring to Corporation, Corporate, Company or other Commercial endeavors and it is easily recognizable and memorable. Although .co was, and still is the country code for Colombia, it has also been relaunched and is recognized as being a new global TLD with all the global search juice that should entail. Other country codes that have gained wide acceptance are .tv (Island of Tivalu) and .me (Montenegro).

Dot-com domains generally go for N2000, but the list of memorable .com domain name is ever-dwindling. The .co domain name is not cheap as attention is now focussed on the TLD. It costs N6,000 per year for subscription for .co domain name alone.

However, from February 6-12, 2011, is offering .co domain names subscription for only N2,000 for the first year. With this comes the following free web hosting offer;

Disk Space 10GB
Bandwidth 150GB
Domains You Can Host 5
Sub Domains 10
Personalised Email Addresses 25
CPanel Hosting YES
SQL Database 5
FTP Accounts 1

Click here to pick up your offer immediately
. Use promocode 2000 when checking out your order and make sure you select annual subscription option!

PS : You also have a choice of selecting any of .com,.biz,.net,.org,.us,.info domains to benefit from this N2,000.00 offer!