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Quick Charging: Apple vs Samsung vs Nokia vs TECNO

I got up this morning to do my usual audit of goings-on on MobilityArena and observed a comment left by someone on our TECNO Phantom 8 specs page. It reads: “1 hour and 10 minutes to charge a 3500 mah battery is light speed? Stupid marketing jargon.” Immediately, I got wondering about it. Perhaps TECNO Read More

Huawei Mate 10 Pro dethrones Apple and Samsung in photography – DxO Mark

Just the other day, we wrote on how Samsung and Apple tied at number one on the photography rankings at DxO with 94 points. However, their reign was short-lived thanks to the high rating of the new Google Pixel 2 (scored 98 points). It seems the two tying companies have a new rival to worry Read More

Here are new Apple Watch Series 3 features that everyone will love

Apple’s September 12 announcement was a huge success by all accounts. The major event of the event was the announcement of the iPhone 8, the iPhone X, a new Apple Watch and a WatchOS update. Now, WatchOS 4 features a lot of upgrades, which include an updated and much more intuitive Heart Rate app, a Read More

Apple iOS – The Beginning Of The End?

That Apple copied, shamelessly, Android and about every other major mobile OSes in its iOS 7 is no longer news. But what beats me is why most online reviews fail to mention this shameful act but instead hail this “next-to-die-after-Blackberry” as the best thing to have happened to mankind. Undoubtedly, iOS 7 is the biggest Read More

BlackBerry to offer BBM for iPhone and Android

The idea was first mooted about 2 years ago about the possibility of Blackberry making its Messenger (BBM) real-time messaging service available on Apple’s iPhone and iPad and Google’s Android platforms.There was a post on Diary of a Geek from March 2011 suggesting this. This fact has however been confirmed by Blackberry and the service Read More

Are Hybrid Tablets the New Netbooks?

Hybrids have gotten a lot of hype lately, with a slew of touch-enabled laptops and flipping, folding convertible designs launching so far this year. But with some of these new hybrids—specifically smaller tablets with docking keyboards—there’s been a nagging question that I can’t quite shake: Are hybrid tablets the new netbooks? You remember netbooks, right? Read More

The Child, the Tablet and the Developing Mind

I recently watched my sister perform an act of magic. We were sitting in a restaurant, trying to have a conversation, but her children, 4-year-old Willow and 7-year-old Luca, would not stop fighting. The arguments — over a fork, or who had more water in a glass — were unrelenting. Like a magician quieting a Read More

Using The Right Charger For Your Mobile Device

About three years ago, 10 major mobile devices manufacturers, including Apple, Nokia and Samsung, committed to a voluntary agreement to work towards a universal charger based on a micro USB connector, in an effort to reduce unnecessary waste. But no such universal charger has been settled on, and Apple appears to have backtracked on the Read More

What’s Your BB PIN?

“What’s your BB pin?” The question is the ultimate social status badge for many young, urban Nigerians. Standing in front of a row of gleaming BlackBerry handsets in a Lagos phone shop, sales assistant Remi Olajuwon explained: “The average Nigerian has a very healthy interest in status and luxury. So if somebody asks for your Read More

What is a Rootkit and How it Infects your PC

Everyone knows about computer viruses – and people are rightly fearful of them. Many have also heard about (computer) worms, which are nasty programs designed to spread as much as they can to infect computers. A rootkit, on the other hand, is devious in a different way. This is used to gain control over your Read More

Google To Converge Android OS And Chrome OS By 2013?

The China Commercial Times reports that Google has placed hardware orders with Taiwanese manufacturers Compal Electronics and Wintek to produce a Chromebook with a 12.85-inch touch display. Could this be the start of Google merging Android and Chrome OS? Chromebooks are lightweight laptop and desktop devices that use the Chrome Web browser for their primary Read More

Firefox OS: Another Lab Experiment?

There are now a good number of mobile OS out there, with many still considered as not more than lab experiments. The likes of Jolla and Tizen fits this description perfectly. Jolla, in particular, has a tall order of competing with Research In Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS, as well as the latest version of Read More

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