Virus Alert!!! Obama Twitter Scam

An elaborate Twitter scam involving a sensational tweet about Barack Obama has been detected. This scam lures its victims with a promise of a video showing president Barack Obama punching a man for cursing him, leads them to a fake facebook page where it steals their Twitter credentials, and closes the deal by enticing them to download a malicious worm disguised as “an update for YouTube player”.

It all starts with the scandalous tweet as shown above (personal details and racist content blurred). Users receive this tweet as a DM, and if tempted to click, they’ll be led to a fake Facebook page, where they will be asked for their Twitter credentials in order to watch the video. If you choose to enter your Twitter details here, the malware will promptly hijack your account and begin sending these DMs to all your contacts in your name.

Next, users are taken to a second fake Facebook page, complete with a fake YouTube frame, where a new message appears: “An update for YouTube Player is needed”, it says, prompting you to install this update in order to watch the video. Naturally, this is no YouTube Player update, but the Koobface.LP worm, which will infect your computer and steal your personal data.

Koobface.B Worm is a worm that spreads through social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others. If you look closely at the worm’s name you will see that Koobface is actually “Facebook” spelled backwards. It infect all types of operating systems, and the main goal of Koobface.B Worm is to gather login data to various websites such as Facebook and other social media pages, although it has not been registered to steal financial information.

As far as the distribution via Facebook is concerned, Koobface.B Worm is spread through spam messages that are sent out from already infected users’ profiles to their friends. The messages carried by the worm are very random. Some of the examples include:

“You must see it!!! LOL. My friend catched you on hidden cam,”
“Is it really celebrity?
“Examiners Caught Downloading Grades From The Internet”
“Hello this guy is saying bad rumors about u…”
“Did you see this pic of you?”


Since Koobface.B Worm does not have an interface and runs in the background of your system, manual removal is hard if you are not a computer specialist. That is why you need to acquire a trustworthy antimalware scanner that will detect all the worm’s components for you and remove Koobface.B Worm from your system automatically. Then don’t forget to run the full system scan again, to check whether you have any other malware left, because malicious threats like Koobface.B Worm seldom come alone.

Instructions on how to remove this worm if you are infected.

  • Disable System Restore if you are running Windows XP or earlier. Click “Start,” “Control Panel,” “System” and select the “System Restore” tab. Click the “Turn off System Restore” check box and click “OK.” Restart your system if prompted to do so. Windows Vista users can skip this step. Windows 7, windows 8 users should not be affected by this virus.
  • Open your anti-virus software and update your virus definitions to make sure you have the latest definitions.
  • Run a full virus scan on your computer. Do not run a partial or quick scan. Take the time to run your anti-virus software’s full scan so it searches absolutely everywhere for the Koobface Facebook virus.
  • Quarantine and/or delete the virus when it shows up in your scan results. Use the method of control recommended by your anti-virus software.
  • Visit your anti-virus software’s website for specific patches for the Koobface Facebook virus if your full scan could not contain it. The virus will most likely be taken care of in your regular scan but McAfee and Symantec both have patches, if necessary


This is by no means the only scam of its kind going around. As always, it’s crucial that you don’t click links with suspicious messages about scandalous videos and pictures of you or others, even if they seem to come from people you know. And even more importantly, if you’ve already clicked it, never enter your credentials and never download anything that looks even remotely off.

The Koobface virus is easily stopped by simply never downloading files unless you have complete confidence in their origin. If you receive a suspicious email, delete it without clicking any links. If you think it might be a legitimate email, but aren’t sure, email or phone the sender to ask.
Have a wonderful day.


Let’s Go a-fishing

Something tells me the title of this post would probably draw in a few more clicks than it ordinary would. Power of sensational journalism you would say. Well, you are here already, why not just skim through the post, you just might find it informative.

The internet terminology called “Phishing” is derived from the word “Fishing”. Wikipaedia defines Phishing as a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Just like fishing with a fishing rod, a bait is set for a would be sucker to swallow usually by setting up fictitious web sites for use in collecting confidential login details to, usually, emails and internet banking sites.

And, surprisingly, such fake websites are usually very easy to setup, the reason why you find so many kids and scam artistes with little or no technological know-how delving into such acts. Most of us in Nigeria would have had the “opportunity” to have come across such mails several times. Guess what, it takes just a few minutes to set up a fake Gmail login page!

The world of hacking is extremely interesting and the few days i have spent studying for an Ethical Hacking certification has been a big eye opener. And contrary to what a lot of techies out there think, it is not always easy to detect such internet scams. Forget about all those scam emails being sent out by those academic half-literates and technological illiterates that you can easily spot a mile away, just pray to God (or whoever you pray to) that you do not meet up with the “whiz kids”.

Some may think it unnecesary and most may think that any free one will do, but I do strongly preach in favour of using, not just an Anti-virus, but an internet security software (Click Here) to protect yourself on the Internet. It is not foolproof, but it does help a lot. If there is just one single software you would be paying for, let it be an Internet Security software. And please, try not to get the bootleg ones from Computer Village, you just might be doing more harm to yourself than good.

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