The Story Of Creation

In the beginning there was the Computer. And God said C:>LET THERE BE LIGHT! Enter user-id. C:>GOD Enter password. C:>OMNISCIENT Password incorrect. Try again. C:>OMNIPOTENT Password incorrect. Try again. C:>TECHNOCRAT And God logged on at 00:00:01 day 1. C:>LET THERE BE LIGHT! Unrecognisable command. Try again. C:>CREATE LIGHT Done C:>RUN HEAVEN AND EARTH And God… Read more The Story Of Creation

VPS Control Panels

Granted, there is only a very slight chance that you will be able to avoid having to stare into the bottomless pit that is the CLI (command line interface) while administering your server, however, you can limit these scary encounters to a minimum by installing a GUI (Graphical User Interface), in the form of Control… Read more VPS Control Panels