How to Install Mac OS X Snow Leopard in VirtualBox

If you need to test a software on Mac OSX, and it is not justifiable for you to get a new Macbook, a good way is to install the Mac OSX as a virtual machine in your Windows (or Linux) based PC. Both the two popular virtual machine software – Virtualbox and VMware, support Mac Read More

iPad – More Recommended Apps

At home, i have a WIFI network of about 7 devices (PCs and Mobile devices). This allow me to share scarce internet resources and peripherals between them. My Android HTC TyTn II, for some reasons, thrives better in an unsecured WIFI network as it seems to have issues with WPA wireless security. Most times, i Read More

Finally, Opera Mini 6 for iPad!

Attention iOS owners the wait is over, Opera Mini 6 is here for your iOS device Enjoy the fresh new look of Opera Mini 6 without compromise. Get all the speed benefits and data savings of Opera Mini, now optimized for all iOS devices. Updated features include: ? Updated design with a fresh new look Read More

iPad – The Recommended Apps

Numerous write-ups abound on the internet, touting different apps as “must-haves” for your iPads from a repository of over 200,000 apps available in the Apple app store. Personally, i feel such recommendations are very difficult to make because different people use the ipad for different purposes. Some use theirs majorly as ereaders, some as a Read More

The top 20 strongholds for desktop Linux

As a server OS, Linux has long been highly successful and a poster child for open source. For example, Linux currently powers a majority of the world’s web servers and supercomputers. As a desktop OS, however, Linux has yet to gain mainstream acceptance. That said, there are some countries where people have embraced Linux on Read More

How to Add Google Analytics’s Site Speed Tracking Feature to Your WordPress Site

Google has recently added a new feature into its Analytics software, enabling you to track your website loading speed now. If you are not aware, in its attempt to make the web faster, Google has launched a series of tools to help webmasters improve their site speed. There is the Google Instant where users can Read More

You Can’t Upgrade the Hard Drive in the New iMacs [Apple]

The new iMacs have the super fast Thunderbolt port and Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge Core processors which makes them, well, pretty awesome. What’s not awesome? Apple has made upgrading the hard drive on the new iMacs damn near impossible. Other World Computing is reporting that “the Apple-branded main hard drive cannot be moved, removed or Read More

How to Sync Android with Windows Seamlessly

The iPhone is often praised for having the most seamless desktop-to-phone experience around, but with a bit of extra setup, you can get your Android phone syncing with your favorite Windows programs just as well. Here’s how to do it. If you prefer using desktop programs to webapps, you may find the Google-centric nature of Read More

How to Install KDE In Ubuntu Natty

Ubuntu Natty has been out for almost two weeks. If you do not like the Unity interface, nor the classic Gnome, you could install KDE and give it a spin. We have covered KDE 4 several times and it is elegant and by far the best KDE distribution. Here’s how you can install KDE in Read More

Virtualbox: How to Set 32-bit Display In Ubuntu Guest

I installed Ubuntu Natty on my Virtualbox (Ubuntu guest on Ubuntu host) and the first problem that greeted me when I boot up is the 16-bit display error message: The virtual machine window is optimized to work in 32 bit color mode but the virtual display is currently set to 16 bit. Please open the Read More

Solving Apple MacBook’s Perpetual Overheating Problem

In the immediate gratification society we live in, we want our computers to be mobile. We want to take them all over the home and office, and even transport them back and forth, and because of that, many people opt for laptops instead of desktop computers. It seems like the perfect solution, until owners of Read More

How to Gather Hardware Information in Linux

Can you name your motherboard’s chipset off the top of your head? What about NIC type? If not, how would you go about finding it? Could you do it from the command line? As with a lot of Linux software, there are many ways to go about this. Some tools are built right into any Read More

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