4 thoughts on “Help! Spammers Hijacked My Email Account

  1. Interesting and very revealing. But as I see it, deleting a spoofed account does not even stop the spammer. So it is imperative that one informs those on our contact list of what is going on prior to deleting the account.

    1. Really, it is quite easy spoofing an email. there was an app on IOS (apple) that i was very familiar with then. I am very sure android would have quite a bunch too.

  2. Honestly this should not even be an issue because with the likes of DomainKeys, DKIM, SPF etc this kind of stuff is a non-threat. Any legit mail server is going to be able to see that spam email for what it is and deliver it to the bulk folder. I’d recommend getting a bit of knowledge about DK/DKIM and SPF by reading up some of the articles at http://www.unlocktheinbox.com


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