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10 Ways to Find Anyone’s Email Address in 17 Seconds Flat Guaranteed

10 Ways to Find Anyone’s Email Address in 17 Seconds Flat Guaranteed

Many would argue being able to talk to anyone on earth is a superpower. It’s how I raised $2,000,000 from a Forbes Billionaire and sold the company to our #1 competitor. Continue Reading Read More – Quickly Generate Free Website Policies – Quickly Generate Free Website Policies

It doesn’t matter what type of site you run, whether it is a blog or a business, they all require different types of website policies. Common ones are privacy policies, terms of service, disclaimers, and refund policies. Continue Reading Read More

How To Uninstall An App From An Android Phone

I am sure some geeks will be laughing their heads off, rolling on the floor by now. Pick yourself up! This write up is dedicated to my wife, she who can not uninstall an app from an android phone. We all have to start from somewhere, you know. The video below shows two ways of Read More

Get Your Own US Mobile Number Here In Nigeria

Fancy having your own US mobile number to receive and make calls with, even here within Nigeria? Or to send and receive SMS with? NextPlus is a mobile phone service that provides unique virtual 10-digit mobile phone numbers with every android (and iOS) app install, thanks to its partnership with Level 3. Calls and texts Read More

How To Recover Deleted Files From Your PC

Security experts have always warned that files deleted from your Computer can still be recovered. This could either be a good thing or otherwise. If you have files on your computer that you really, really do not want anyone to see, merely deleting them is not good enough. But for me, it was a good Read More

The Most Unexpected Award, To Yours Truly…

The most unexpected award, an award like no other. The text of the award certificate read; Congratulations Wale! You did it! You’ve made it to the Top 5% of readers in Pocket. This year, you read so many words in Pocket that you nearly outread everyone else. Give yourself a pat on the back! Wale Read More

Upgrading From Windows 8 To Windows 8.1

A couple of weeks ago, i decided to upgrade my Windows OS from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Ordinarily, it does not sound like a big deal but it was. Firstly, you will have to initiate the upgrade from within the Windows store. Perhaps due to the large number of early adopters it was almost Read More

Process Automation – Siphoning Fuel From Keg To Generator

In this part of the world, Nigeria, it is very safe to say that power from the National grid is almost non-existent. Most homes generate their own power supply from petrol or diesel generating sets. I pride myself as the “Director of Technical Operations” for my home. This in simple terms mean that everything – Read More

Improve Your Windows PC Boot-Up Speed

You hit the power on button on your PC, wait for minutes for the Microsoft boot up logo to even appear, before finally hitting your desktop. In all, it took you about 10 minutes. Sounds familiar to anyone? It is a fact that about everyone at sometime would have had this hair-pulling experience of slow Read More

Twitter Commands and Shortcuts

I stumbled on this information in the book “Twitter for Dummies” and I thought I should share. Apparently, Twitter has a trove of commands and shortcuts to make your experiences on this social media platform more pleasurable. The shorthand codes work within the Twitter interface (Web or Mobile) or over text messaging. These commands are Read More

Easily Expand The Hard Disk Of Your Virtual Machine (VirtualBox)

If you have not heard of a Virtual Machine or VirtualBox before now, i strongly suggest you go to this link and this link too to read more about it before you proceed with this article. One of the major problems users of Virtual Machines face is how to expand the hard disk of their Read More

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