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Free Linux DVDs

For those that have not received their free Linux DVD offer, i apologise, chances are that i have not sent it at all, it is more difficult than i thought. No, it’s not the funds to mail them, but the inavailability of a Post Office in my neighbourhood, most times i have to get to Read More

Arthurwales – Professional Web Solutions

Having a web site to promote your business or ideas is imperative nowadays. Nearly all households have access to the internet, and lately, on mobiles too. The great thing about the internet is that it can reach the whole world, and not just your neighbourhood. Thus, if you have anything to sell or anything to Read More

arthurwales Web Hosts

I will be the first to admit that things have been low-keyed lately but, perhaps with some sense of loyalty, the traffic has not let up at all. Thanks Guys! We have since surpassed the traffic record for last month. We’ve been working on a project for a while now which has come to fruition. Read More


There was a long squealing noise and then silence. My son, in his characteristic loud manner, shouted “Daddy, who is making noise?” Wasn’t sure, but I had been hearing some squealing noises from my computer for a while, a noise I had attributed to the usual noise they make when they are been put to Read More

Website Hosting

A website can be regarded as the face of a business entity or an individual.To a large extent, it can be used to assess the personality of an individual or the nature of the promoters of the business, just like you do with handwriting analysis and the likes. Well, i’m not quoting any theory other Read More

I’ve Moved On …

My first encounter with Ubuntu was with Hardy Heron, also known as Ubuntu 8.04. This was sometime in 2008, about the time it was released. It was the 8th iteration of, unarguably, the most popular Linux distribution in the world. Before this, i had played with a few other distributions, notably Mandriva 2006. I remember then Read More

Cloud Computing

Linux Magazine is a monthly magazine published in the UK. I have a subscription to this magazine, renewable every year for $109.90. The magazine ships every month to my post office box with a DVD containing at least one of the latest major Linux distros available, most times it comes with two or more. Now Read More

Linux Mint – Israeli / Palestinian War on Linux Turf?

I honestly did not know there was any connection between Linux Mint & what is going on in the Middle East. Please click the link below for a good read. Read More

Free Linux DVDs – New Arrivals

Still in the spirit of everything free, we have in stock some new Linux DVDs, free for those who are ready to test the proverbial waters.

Top on the list is UBUNTU 10.04 SIXPACK (MULTIBUNTU)

Ubuntu recently rolled out the new version 10.04 “Lucid Lynx” release. Today we bring to you six great Lucid Lynx variants on a single-sided, double-layer 8.5GB DVD.

Boot this DVD to experience its Live Boot functionality, have a feel of the classic Gnome based Ubuntu without installing anything on your PC. Double-click on the Virtualbox icon on the Live Boot environment to have a feel of the KDE based Kubuntu, the Mythbuntu PVR system or the legacy hardware friendly Xubuntu.

If you are still looking for more from the Ubuntu siblings, ISO images of Lubuntu and Ubuntu Studio are included in the DVD.


Each of the six great picks included in the 6 Pack DVD could be obtained as seperate DVDs;

Ubuntu : Named after the Southern African ethical principle “humanity towards others”. It is a computer operating system based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution and is distributed as free and open source software with additional proprietary software available.

Ubuntu Studio : ?A multimedia editing/creation flavor of Ubuntu. It’s built for the audio, video, and graphic enthusiasts or professionals. It contains a suite of the best open-source applications available for multimedia creation. Completely free to use, modify and redistribute. Your only limitation is your imagination.

Kubuntu : An official derivative of the Ubuntu operating system using the KDE Software Compilation instead of the GNOME graphical environment. It is part of the Ubuntu project and uses the same underlying system. It is possible to run both the KDE desktop (kubuntu-desktop) as well as the Gnome desktop (ubuntu-desktop) interchangeably on the same machine. Every package in Kubuntu shares the same repositories as Ubuntu. It is released regularly on the same schedule as Ubuntu.

Lubuntu : A lighter, less resource hungry and more energy-efficient non-official variant of Ubuntu, using the LXDE desktop environment.

Xubuntu : An officially recognised variant of Ubuntu, using the LXDE desktop environment.

– Mythbuntu : A media center operating system (OS). It is based on Ubuntu and integrates the MythTV Media center software as its main function, and does not install with all of the programs included with Ubuntu. Read More

OS Wars – Get a Mac!

Most times, your preference for an Operating System (OS) over another is largely influenced by your familiarity or comfort with a particular one. Sometimes, the opinions can be out rightly one sided especially for our country Nigeria where most people have never seen anything else other that a Windows PC. There’s been so much superiority Read More

Browser Wars

Web browsers have been around for over two decades. With the introduction of the NCSA mosaic web browser in 1993, web browsers as we know them today, came into existence. Netscape Navigator was introduced in 1994 as a free for personal use only and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 1.0 in 1995. Both were influenced by the Mosaic web browser. These two companies later engaged in what was known as the first browser war with Netscape falling from its peak of about 90% of web usage in 1995 to its eventual defeat and acquisition by AOL in 1998. In 2006, it fell to an all time low of less than 1%. It was eventually discontinued in 2008. Microsoft’s victory was aided in part by the huge resource at its disposal used in developing the Internet Explorer and the fact that it had Internet Explorer 4 integrated into Microsoft Windows Operating System by default.

It’s been a long time since 1998 and a lot of improvements and enhancements have been made to web browsers. There are many browsers available on the web today, estimated at about 100. Expectedly, most of these browsers are based on, at least, one of  the notable LAYOUT ENGINES or RENDERING ENGINES. Basically, layout engines are softwares that determines how web pages are displayed. The top layout engines are;

– TRIDENT (Used by Microsoft Internet Explorer, Lunascape, Avant, Bento, Enigma, Maxthon, etc)
– GECKO (Used by Seamonkey, Iceape, K-Meleon, Firefox, Lunascape, Flock, Iceweasel, etc)
– WEBKIT (Used by Chrome, Safari, Lunascape)
– PRESTO (Used by Opera, Internet Channel, Nintendo DS Browser)
– KHTML (Konqueror) Read More

Ilorin on my mind

It’s been a while i visited Ilorin, capital city of Kwara State, Nigeria. Been here about 2 times since i graduated from the University of Ilorin, sometime last decade, the last being about 3 years ago. The level of development here is definitely nothing compared to Lagos or Abuja but i can not help but Read More

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