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Your Customers Are Online. Your Competitors Are Online. Are You?

The story is told of two business men having the same product. And at the end of the day, the other one got a single client, while the one who worked from home got 5 clients.

How did he do this?

He made use of online marketing strategies, which allowed him to cater for many customers at the same time, even reaching out to clients around the globe.

The key to your online marketing strategy is a business website. Having a website for your Business has many benefits, including;

  • Prospective clients can easily find you. Most start their search online!
  • Prospective clients can learn more about you
  • Gain credibility for your business
  • Showcase your products or services
  • Your business never sleeps, remains open 24 hours a day.
  • Your website serves as a hub for your social media profiles
  • Collect contact information from people interested in your products or services

arthurwales.comVisit and select from our pool of professionally designed websites.

With as little as N12,000.00, and within 24 hours only, we would help put your business on the Internet. That is our guarantee to you.

Do things right that is worth it. We can do it right for you.

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Fancy Hosting Your Website From Your Mobile Phone? Here’s How…

How would you like to host your websites from your mobile phones or tablets? Preposterous? No, actually, it is quite doable and in very few steps too.

In this example, we will be setting up a WordPress website/blog on an android device.

PS: Your Android device does not have to be rooted to carry out these tasks.

servers ultimateQuick Steps

  • You will need a PC to work from to make the setup process easier.
  • Your android phone and the PC must be connected to the same WiFi – same LAN.  (Note that the WiFi need not be Internet enabled.)
  • However, you will need to find a way to download and install the trial version of Servers Ultimate to your Phone from Google Play Store. There is a Pro version you can buy if you decide you like the app. You will also need to download and install Servers Ultimate Packs A to E from the same link.

Create the Servers

  • Go to and download the WordPress web software to your PC. Extract the archived files to a single folder on your PC. Copy this folder, preferably, to the root of your device SD Card
  • Start the Servers Ultimate app on your device, click on the “+” sign on the top right of your screen
  • Select “MySQL server”
  • Give the server a name and save it. Named mine “wp_mysql” (without the quotes, of course)
  • Again, click on the “+” sign on the top right of your screen
  • Select “PHP and Lighttpd Server”
  • Give the server a name. Named mine WordPress. Do not exit the screen just yet!

Configure the services

  • Select the next tab labelled “Specific”
  • Look under “Servers”, ensure the options “Enable Lighttpd Server” and “Enable PHP Server” are checked.
  • Scroll down and look under “Document Root”. Browse to the WordPress folder on your phone and select it.
  • Under “Server Tag”, you may enable all the options, especially “Enable PHPMyadmin”
  • Now press save. The screen will exit.
  • From the Server Ultimate default screen, click the start icon to start the two servers, “WordPress” and “wp_mysql”
  • Now right-click on the server labelled WordPress. From the context menu, select Information. Note the IP address that has been assigned to it. It will be in the form

Create Database

  • Go to the following URL
  • Log in with the following credentials; Username is “root”. Leave the password blank
  • Click on the “Databases” at the top left of the screen
  • Enter “wordpress_db” in the Create Database field and tap Create

Final Installation

  • Type the following URL in your browser to start the WordPress installation;
  • When prompted fill in wordpress_db in the Database Name field
  • Fill in root in the User Name field
  • Leave the password field blank
  • On the Welcome Page, fill in the details requested for, then click Install WordPress. On completion, you will be taken to the admin page of your website.
  • To view the front end, your type the IP address to your browser.

As it is, you can only view your site from within your LAN. In the next part of this post, we would go through the paces on how to access your new site from anywhere on the Internet.

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Free Business Class Email Addresses For Your Personal Domains

Zoho_logoMicrosoft recently ended free email service support for custom domains, the mainstay for many Small and Medium Business Enterprises. Google buried Google Apps free edition, a similar business email application back in December 2012. So with Microsoft and Google having turned their backs, what option remains for these SMEs?


Zoho recently announced its offer of free business class email hosting open to individuals and businesses. Under this email hosting plan, business owners can start hosting their emails, along with their custom domains, at no cost and without any advertisements to distract them.

This free offer is subject to a limit of 10 mailboxes per domain. However, business owners can extend the free user limit to 25 users by simply referring other customers to Zoho Mail. The two-way referral incentive program also benefits the new Zoho Mail user by providing them an additional five bonus free user accounts.

“Free email and ad-free email historically haven’t gone together. This changes with Zoho Mail,” said Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist. “At a time when companies — including the ones with deep pockets — have ended the support of free email service for businesses, we found it even more important to stick to our guns and extend the coverage of our free email plan. There is no catch or fine print here. When we say free and ad-free, we really mean it. At Zoho, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses get started by providing an email solution that will grow with them as they expand their business.”

Zoho Mail: Hosted Email for Businesses

Zoho Mail is a powerful email hosting service that caters to businesses of all sizes yet is simple to set up and manage. It respects the privacy of business users and offers a feature rich, secure email solution.

Integrated Suite – The Zoho Mail Suite comes pre-integrated with complementary applications such as Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Chat, providing a comprehensive suite of applications for businesses. The suite also includes Zoho Docs, a powerful document management system with an integrated office suite that also syncs a user’s documents across devices.

Privacy and Security – Not in the business of serving ads, all of Zoho’s online application plans — including the free plan — are completely ad-free. Users’ activity is never tracked and emails are not scanned to serve ads, thereby respecting our users’ data and privacy. Zoho Mail also includes anti-spam and anti-virus features, offering these built-in safeguards within the application. With an option to enable two-factor authentication, users can further secure their access to the system with their mobile phones.

Mobile – Emails hosted on Zoho Mail can be accessed through email apps from any mobile device using standard protocols like IMAP and POP. Zoho Mail also supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for push email. Alternatively, users can manage their email through smartphone- and tablet-optimized web apps from their mobile devices.

Pricing and Availability

Businesses can sign up and subscribe to Zoho Mail Free, Standard or Premium editions at

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Aaron Levie, The 28-Year Old CEO Of The Billion Dollar Cloud Computing Company “BOX”

BOX, which Levie launched out of his dorm room at the University of Southern California in 2005, is a golden child among Silicon Valley tech companies.

The company has more than doubled its revenue every year and is on pace to reach $100 million by the end of 2013. Box has more than 900 employees, spread out in offices in Los Altos, San Francisco, London, Paris, and Munich. Next year, Levie and his co-founder and chief financial officer (and boyhood friend), Dylan Smith, plan to take the company public.

Investors, who have poured $300 million into the start-up, are valuing the business at $1.2 billion—a sign both of their belief in Box and their confidence that cloud computing has finally matured. In one recent survey of IT buyers, researchers noted a “whopping 65.6% of respondents indicated cloud as a top investment area for 2013.”

aaronlevie-incmagazine-1026x1617_26981Even these numbers, however, don’t explain why Aaron Levie is Inc.’s Entrepreneur of the Year. That has more to do with his anticipation of change and his boldness in doing what looks crazy in the short term but in time looks revolutionary. Cloud storage is basically a commodity. Levie recognized this early on and changed Box’s orientation from consumers to enterprise customers, where his relentless focus on great design was particularly striking—and thus he put some distance between Box and the pressures of the commodity marketplace. He moved quickly into mobile. He got out in front of fears about security. He was, and is, unencumbered by legacy ideas and models, and he keeps making good decisions.

Levie likes to say that fundamental shifts in technology come around only every 10 to 15 years, and much the same could be said about an entrepreneur like him. He possesses the sort of wisdom and focus you’d expect of an industry guru, but he acts with the 24/7 obsession of a scrappy startup founder. Give him 10 minutes, and he will make you a believer. Scott Weiss, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, one of the venture firms that have invested in Box, describes Levie as a “glow-in-the-dark” entrepreneur. “He’s unmistakable,” Weiss says. “You talk with him for five minutes, and he says something funny and something smart and something insightful. He’s a larger-than-life character.”

He’s also only 28. Levie stands a little under 6 feet tall and has a slim, wiry frame. His hair sprouts in a graying forest above his forehead. His eyes, deep-set and bluish-gray, are each covered by a thin wisp of a brow. Like a lot of young tech entrepreneurs, he has a uniform; his is a slim-cut J. Crew suit, a pressed button-down shirt, and red sneakers.

Levie’s routine over the past several years has been stringent. He wakes at around 10. He showers quickly, and arrives at the office by 11 a.m. He downs two coffees, sometimes holding two cups at once. He rarely eats breakfast or, for that matter, lunch. He spends 90 percent of his daylight hours in meetings or interviews, to which he walks very quickly or even runs. He is almost never at his desk. At around 7:30 p.m., he takes a nap for about an hour, and when he wakes up, he gets really, really productive. Each night, he probably sends a couple of hundred emails, and by 2 a.m. or 3 a.m., he’s finally done. Levie does not take weekends off, and, in the last handful of years, he has taken one vacation, a three-day trip to Mexico with his girlfriend.

For all his decisiveness, he is a somewhat uneasy man—self-deprecating, certainly less cocksure than your average 28-year-old centimillionaire—and as he talks about Box’s competitors in a crowded market, I begin to understand why he drives himself so hard.

“My hair’s gotten grayer,” says Levie. “I was gray before Obama was.”

Box’s daily battles are with Accellion, Citrix, Huddle, Google, Hightail, IBM, and Oracle—and the biggest of them, Microsoft. Microsoft’s SharePoint collaboration tool is a behemoth that generates nearly $2 billion in revenue from 65,000 companies, which manage a total of 125 million SharePoint licenses.

And, as with Facebook, many of Box’s early users were driven to the platform because their friends or colleagues were using it. It had a viral network effect because it was different, better. Using Box makes sending files easier and makes collaborating with co-workers faster. In some small way, it makes work more fun.

“I’ve just seen the future… and there’s no longer any paper in it.”

Technically speaking, building a mobile platform on which to send company files isn’t all that challenging. The real difficulty is proving that the information will be secure. The idea of being able to share any file with anyone at any time is alluring, but it also introduces a massive security risk, especially for businesses dealing with sensitive customer information such as credit card numbers and health care records. Among IT professionals and their employers, there is tremendous unease. Levie saw that as an opportunity.

“The idea is, ‘How do we make Box become the enabler for them to be able to move to the cloud—the solution for their security in the cloud,’” Levie says. “So not that it’s a check box that allows them to adopt Box; it’s actually the reason they put documents in the cloud.”

Box is able to provide this service to companies like drchrono because, as of April 2013, Box was certified as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, compliant, the industry standard for protecting electronic health records. Getting HIPAA certification is the official way to assure patients a provider is taking all the right steps to protect their medical information online. But becoming HIPAA compliant is a notoriously lengthy and expensive process. (Share-Point is HIPAA compliant; some other Box competitors are not.) HIPAA compliance is proving valuable: In 2013, Box’s sales in the health care industry grew more than 81 percent.

When Levie first announced that he was building an enterprise software company for the modern age, he was 23. He had no idea what the conventions of the game were. He had never used any of the software he hoped to disrupt. Not knowing the conventions—or simply refusing to acknowledge them—appears to have become Levie’s best asset. And the fact that he feels the odds are against him and against Box—that isn’t a reason to stop; it’s a reason to continue.


ERIC MARKOWITZ is a reporter for

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Surdoc – Free 100GB Online Storage For Everyone!

surdocMany are probably familiar with popular free cloud storage options available; 2GB from Dropbox, 5GB from Box and SugarSync, 7GB from SkyDrive and 15GB from Google Drive but few are aware of the new kid on block, Surdoc.

This company has indeed raised the bar by offering a whooping 100GB cloud storage free to users, giving you the opportunity to back up from multiple devices into a single account. And that is not all, you can get up to 1TB free if you refer a friend (10GB for each friend that signs up), Tweet or Retweet Surdoc (1GB), Post or Share on Facebook (1GB) and answer a Survey (5GB).

To see just how much a 100GB account can hold, visit

Both iOS and Android apps are available for you to sync media files from your mobile devices to the same cloud storage. This is in addition to the Windows and Mac applications that keep files on your computers continuously and automatically backed up online.

There is a caveat though. This 100GB offering is only free for a year, a yearly subscription of  US$30 is charged if you decide to continue using this service.

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Grab Premium WordPress Themes for FREE! Limited Time Offer.

MyThemeShop is creating a special discount that will give you one of our other premium themes for free just for trying Point Theme. Point is a free, fluid responsive WordPress theme that is built to be multipurpose and flexible. Thanks to the built in options panel, it’s easy to choose from multiple layouts and designs to build your perfect site.

Here’s how you can get yours:

1. Download Point from here:

2. Please leave a review on (it’s free to do)

3. Install and activate Point on your server. It may be a free theme, but it has premium features!

4. Once activated, check the options panel and you’ll find your special coupon code: (replace site name with your website’s name)

5. Then, choose which theme you want for free from here: and use the coupon code to get it for $0 (that’s free!) from below download button.

6. Enjoy the theme with one month of exclusive premium support included.

Why are we giving away our themes?

We always believe in giving back to the community, because after all, it’s you who have helped us grow this big so quickly. We love to find new ways to make our users feel special, whether they are premium customers or just people who like our free themes. This is our way of giving back to our free theme users, who have helped us grow but haven’t been able to get the full MyThemeShop experience yet.

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Now You Can Put Your Business In The Streets is now live. A classified adverts site developed to support the Diary of a Geek blog.

The site has a simple, minimalist design that is so clean, intuitive, super flexible with a fully responsive design that renders beautifully on any device it is viewed from. It is indeed a pleasure to browse the site.

Devoid of all distractions and “bling bling”, we put the focus on the contents – the adverts!

Please help in building up the traffic on– advertise your products, job openings, gadget sales, announcements, …anything! What do you care, afterall it’s free!!!

In the nearest future, we hope to develop the site to be able to support, financially, the vision we have for this blog.

Suggestions on how to improve on the site is very welcome. Please send your comments to

Now, confidently, you can put your business in the streets!


Search For Passive Income

OLX and craiglist are examples of sites that use the type of advert platform that is now on

The platform is open source so most likely no two sites will be the same as you have a free rein to get your hands dirty manipulating the underlying code.

Please help to review the site by publishing an advert (or more!). You may also compare to earlier mentioned sites.

By the way, it looks good on mobiles too.


Posted from WordPress for Android


Nigeria slashes second level .ng registration cost by 97%

According to an article on This Day Live, Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA), the registry for .ng domain names, has reduced the price of registering a second level .ng domain name by 97% to NGN 15,000. That is equivalent to about $95 USD.

Updated List of NiRA Accredited RegistarsPreviously, the group had been charging NGN 500,000, or $3,165 per year, for a second level .ng registration.

But it actually used to cost a lot more than that. When NIRA started offering second level domains, it offered to sell a five year registration outright for NGN 7.5M, or $47,450. It offered reduced pricing of NGN 3.0M for domains that matched trademarks.

Some companies took NIRA up on the offer. Google registered four domains while Microsoft picked up

But the This Day article says that only 32 second level .ng domains were registered, and only two of those were registered by companies in Nigeria.

The Chief Operating Officer of NIRA, Mr. Ope Odusan, who gave the information, told THISDAY that NIRA later discovered that most Nigerians preferred the .ng top-level domain name directly, instead of the domain name. He added that they however complained that the N500, 000 per year, which amounted to N6 million in five years, was exorbitant for them.

Gee, really?

Third level .ng domains, such as, are available for around $15 per year.

However, since the price reduction took effect on April 16th, 2013,  there have been a spike in registrations, even at a price that is relatively high for a second level domain registration.

About 1,700 second .ng domains have been registered till date.

Judging by the 85 .ng listings on Sedo, a lot of these registrations are probably domain hacks ending in .ng. Some of the domain hacks listed for sale include,, and

Some people listing domains on Sedo are asking prices in the 10,000 EUR range.


Never Let An Employee Register Your Company Domain Name In Their Own Name

Make sure your company is the named registrant of your company’s domain names.

This is just a friendly public service announcement to all small business owners out there.

domainI just finished reading a domain dispute regarding the domain name

The complainant, TCR Business Systems, alleged that the respondent registered the domain on its behalf when he was employed by TCR. The respondent disagrees with TCR’s allegations.

Regardless of who’s telling the truth here, I frequently see examples of:

1. A disgruntled ex-employee of a company holding a domain hostage

2. A web design firm holding a domain hostage that it registered on behalf of a client

So here’s the message:

Do not take any chances. If you own a small business, register your key domain names yourself. Do not let an employee do it, because they might register it in their own name — which gives them control of the domain. And please, please, do not let your web design register a domain for you.