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Star times…Good times

Was driving through Ikota shopping complex, near VGC (Lagos), earlier today when a very visible banner stopped me in my tracks. There on the doors of Broadview Supermarket was boldly displayed; Startimes Decoder, N7000 plus one month subscription FREE! Best of all, monthly subscription is only N1,000 for 36 channels! Of course, I parked my Read More

Facebook Now Allows You To “Download Your Information”

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, all users would have the ability to download all information that have posted or uploaded on facebook. “…  we’ve built an easy way to quickly download to your computer everything you’ve ever posted on Facebook and all your correspondences with friends: your messages, Wall posts, photos, status updates and Read More


There was a long squealing noise and then silence. My son, in his characteristic loud manner, shouted “Daddy, who is making noise?” Wasn’t sure, but I had been hearing some squealing noises from my computer for a while, a noise I had attributed to the usual noise they make when they are been put to Read More

Cloud Computing

Linux Magazine is a monthly magazine published in the UK. I have a subscription to this magazine, renewable every year for $109.90. The magazine ships every month to my post office box with a DVD containing at least one of the latest major Linux distros available, most times it comes with two or more. Now Read More

Email Extraction

I find it amusing when some people use fictitious email addresses during the registration process on this secure site but have absolutely no qualms in signing their names (and email addresses) to some online petition or forwarding to a string of people one of those endless office junk mails.

But why the fear? Why are people reluctant to leave their email addresses on public forums? The reason for this is very understandable, the fear of SPAMMERS. Email spamming refers to sending unsolicited emails to a list of email addresses. It may occur innocently when a reply is sent to a mailing list, by clicking REPLY ALL, instead of just replying to the sender of the mail or, more importantly, when unsolicited emails most often containing advertisements for services or products are sent to a list usually created by scanning forum postings or searching the Web for addresses through a process called Email Extraction.

Email extraction is a form of Web data extraction. It is the process of retrieving data in a structured format from varied, unstructured sources with the use of softwares called Email Extractors which are designed for extracting email addresses from online sources like the internet or offline from files located on local hard drives.

Trust me, the process of email extraction is surprisingly very easy. In just a few hours, you can retrieve tens of thousand of email addresses dropped carelessly on the web.

Read More

Weekly Review

Unique visits for last week stood at 1437, we thank those that made this happen. This week, we are stepping up activities on the forum. Come together and let’s share ideas. Who knows, you might even get a freebie while you are at it. Read More

Portable Applications

It is common place in most offices to have administrative priviledges removed from end-user PCs. This is usually done to prevent unauthorised installation of softwares or hardwares on such PCs. Unauthorised software installation is usually a primary source of introduction of malicious softwares that may cripple a computer network. This write-up may seem like a Read More

Weekly Review

From a promising height of 1495 unique visits in the maiden week, last week recorded a sharp drop of about  45% in the number of visitors to this blog site. Total number of visitors stood at 826. Activities for last week was rather low, was out of town for a few days. Well, that’s what Read More

The Devil is a Liar

My intention was to give you guys some time to download the Virtualbox software, as most internet connections in Nigeria may not permit downloads of that size. But the unexpected happened. I almost lost the site and all my blogs! And worst still, i had no back-up! My less than one week blogging experience would Read More

Free Softwares

The allure for free softwares is definitely not a Nigerian thing alone, who doesn’t love a bargain? Free Softwares, as we commonly know them around here, has two broad classifications; FREE SOFTWARE and FREEWARE. There seem to be some ambiguity here but, yes, there is a distinction. Citing Wikipaedia, these two classifications of softwares can be better differentiated with an understanding of the latin words, GRATIS and LIBRE. Read More

Good Morning, Nigeria! Good Morning, World!

My name is Wale Falade, a Nigerian and a confirmed geek. This blog site is intended as a meeting place for interactive discussions of all things under the sun but with a strong bias towards Tech stuffs, Nigerian style. It’s 3:30pm GMT here in Nigeria but i can’t think of a better theme for this Read More

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