Nigeria Not On ICT Top Ranking

Information and Communication Technology uptake has continued to grow worldwide, spurred by a steady fall in the price of telephone and broadband Internet services. New figures released on Thursday by the International Telecommunications Union confirmed this. However, the report shows that Nigeria and other countries in Africa need to do more to gain top ranking… Read more Nigeria Not On ICT Top Ranking

Windows vs Linux vs Mac Smackdown : An Objective Comparison

Comparisons between the Microsoft Windows, Apple MAC and Linux computer operating systems have been a long running topic since the beginning of time.Comparisons of these operating systems tend to reflect their origins, historic user bases and distribution models. We will start with a background comparison of the three operating systems. Windows Windows is one of… Read more Windows vs Linux vs Mac Smackdown : An Objective Comparison

Still On Cobranet

I wrote about this company last year, paying glowing tributes to the quality of their service offerings, though I must admit that i had strong reservations about the company sustaining the quality of their service. Well, 6 months later, the story has not changed. In truth, i can say that they have even improved on… Read more Still On Cobranet

Portable Apps (Revisited)

We discussed about Portable Apps on this blog a while back and we highlighted a few of its advantages as; – You have all your softwares with you at all times, installed on any regular flash drive. – Ability to bypass administrative level restriction. Use your regular softwares on any PC anytime, anywhere. – Reduce… Read more Portable Apps (Revisited)