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 Benefits of Automating Your Startup

Startups and enterprises are gradually embracing automation because it plays a key role in transforming any business for good. Despite this, some enterprises are yet to automate. Perhaps, these benefits we want to highlight will prompt you to start the automation of your startups. Accurate and reliable results The results of automation are accurate and reliable. It Read More Set To ‘Uberize’ eCommerce In Nigeria

When you think about eCommerce in Nigeria, the two names that pop into your mind are Jumia and Konga. Between them, they have made millions of naira from Nigerians and commissions from merchants who post their products on their website. However, a startup, is set to change this routine as they are giving businesses and Read More

Basecode Launches to Provide Soft Development Training

For aspiring Software Developers in Nigeria looking to acquire skills, Basecode Academy is here to provide just that. Founded on July 15, 2017, by Jide Williams, Basecode Academy was launched with a mission to groom the next wave of software developers in Nigeria. The startup applies a unique strategy to achieve their objective. After students apply Read More launched to simplify location-hunting

Nigerian startup has launched an online marketplace that connects filmmakers to suitable locations for their projects. With location scouting a tedious part of the filmmaking process, in which valuable time is spent searching for the right location, negotiating with property owners and sorting out paperwork, aims to make the job… Read full story Read More

How Saja station is using solar energy to charge mobile phones in Nigeria, with Seyi Fakoya, CEO

Bad electricity is a major problem in Nigeria, and has led to many other secondary problems. One of these is the difficulty that comes with charging of phones. Over time, people have employed the use of generators to charge phones and many other devices, but here we are with a startup taking a different dimension. Read More

myownshop — get creative t-shirts, mugs and framed wall art designs

myownshop describes itself as a creative lifestyle store that provides Nigerians with t-shirts, mugs, and framed wall art designs. Stanley, Henry and David Ezeokeke established the online platform to basically inspire creativity in the minds of its users, both home and abroad. We believe that having extraordinary people is the greatest possible asset and sustainable advantage for any firm…. Read More secures major partners in quest for easier payments

Nigerian payments startup has secured partnerships with major players such as Interswitch, Flutterwave, Microsoft and System Specs as it aims to increase efficiency and lower costs in the payments space. Launched late last year, is a digital payments platform that helps people send and receive money, and make payments, using just their phone numbers. Read More

MEST is opening a data-focused incubator and co-working space in Ikoyi, Lagos

MEST is opening a data-focused incubator and co-working space for creative tech entrepreneurs in Ikoyi, Lagos. The new MEST space will serve as a home to more of our portfolio companies, and for the first time in 9 years, we will be opening up our incubator services to startups outside our program. At this new Read More Now Issues 1,000 Loans Daily

Nigeria’,  a startup that offers small loans has disclosed that it now disburses 1,000 loans daily to Nigerians. This is a far cry from the 200 loans a day it issues earlier this year. The startup made this revelation on its Medium page. They wrote: “We set ourselves what we felt was an aggressive Read More

This Startup is Allowing Nigerians Order Wine Online

With the growth of ecommerce, the possibility of meeting just about need is endless. We’ve seen eCommerce platforms spring up in different industries, and for a wide range of products. Here’s Wines et al, is an ecommerce platform for wines According to the founder, the platform has an extensive selection of high-quality, competitively priced wine and spirits Read More

When Building A Startup Is Not The Best Decision The vast majority of Nigerians are going the entrepreneurial route, with even so many choosing to start new ventures while holding down a traditional corporate gig. Despite the glowing expectations of profits and maybe fame, is the adrenaline that accompanies building a startup right now really worth it? Having a startup requires that you Read More

Expensive internet is a bane of Nigerian startups

After ranking 169 out of 190 countries in the latest ease of doing business index, Nigeria is named one of the hardest places to do a business by the World Bank Group. But if doing running a regular business in Nigeria is hard, an internet based business is even harder. This is because internet cost Read More

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