DR Congo plans to shut down social media ahead of next week’s political protests

Officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo have ordered telecom companies to block social media networks from Sunday night (Dec. 18), ahead of protests against president Joseph Kabila, the day he is supposed to step down from office. The block spans content creation and information sharing platforms, including Facebook, […] Click here to view original… Read more DR Congo plans to shut down social media ahead of next week’s political protests

7 Stories & trends that got the internet buzzing in 2016!

The internet is a global network that has enabled new forms of interaction through instant messaging and social networking. Social media specifically allows for the quick spread of stories/trends and instant reactions from users. In 2016, there were a lot of stories and trends that broke […] Click here to view original post at happenings.com.ng

Enemy Of The State

Rumour has it that President Jonathan of Nigeria has gone ahead to install surveillance equipment on the premises of the Nigeria Intelligence Agency to monitor the online activities of Nigerian residents, despite the outcry it generated even among members of the House of Assembly. This was in line with a contract he awarded to an… Read more Enemy Of The State

Guess Who’s Back!

Yes, back on the Blackberry chat platform but on an Android device. The best of two worlds you would say. Finally, Blackberry resumed the rollout of the now cross platform BBM messaging services, opening up the much sought after service to the world. Still a bit put off by the staggered rollout though. For reasons… Read more Guess Who’s Back!

Twitter Commands and Shortcuts

I stumbled on this information in the book “Twitter for Dummies” and I thought I should share. Apparently, Twitter has a trove of commands and shortcuts to make your experiences on this social media platform more pleasurable. The shorthand codes work within the Twitter interface (Web or Mobile) or over text messaging. These commands are… Read more Twitter Commands and Shortcuts