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Access A Write-Protected Drive

DURING A BIT of housecleaning the other day, I uncovered an old USB hard drive that I hadn’t used in a couple years. I decided to plug it in, check the contents, and see whether it contained anything I still needed. The drive turned out to be filled with a bunch of old, unnecessary files. Read More

TimThumb – Hacker’s Delight

While no website on the Internet can be deemed 100% safe from hackers, lately, sites based on the WordPress platform have received more than their fare share of such intrusions. WordPress is the most widely adopted Content Management platform, with millions of blogs and websites based on this platform. The relative ease of setup and Read More

How to Detect Anonymous IP Addresses

As the fraudsters are now becoming more sophisticated in bypassing the Geo-location controls by using proxies (Anonymous IPs) to spoof their IP address, it has become very much necessary to come up with a means for detecting the proxies so that the authenticity of the users can be verified. Using a proxy (web proxy) is Read More


December 25, 2011 was a Christmas day like no other. While most of you fine folks were enjoying the spirit of the festive season and probably, also waiting for the next juicy post on your favourite blog, Diary of a Geek, some low-life, never-do-well, anti-social, society-reject scumbag, nincompoop, scallywag script kiddie was hacking away at Read More

Nigeria Ranked Second In The World For Software Piracy

THERE seems to be no end yet in the war against software piracy in Nigeria, as the country has been ranked second highest in a recent 32-country study of Personal Computer (PC) pirated software users. The latest study conducted by a global firm, Ipsos Public Affairs department of Business Software Alliance (BSA), on users’ acts Read More

Hacking, A Career Path?

With the recent hiring of Steve Kondik, popularly known as Cyanogen, as a software developer for Samsung, choosing a career path in hacking may just have its rewards after-all. For those that indulge in unauthorized Android Operating System modification (Cooked Roms), the name Cyanogen should be very familiar. He has now joined the league of Read More

Let’s Go a-fishing

Something tells me the title of this post would probably draw in a few more clicks than it ordinary would. Power of sensational journalism you would say. Well, you are here already, why not just skim through the post, you just might find it informative. The internet terminology called “Phishing” is derived from the word Read More

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