“Oh Sweet Lorraine” – Emotional Song From A 96 Year Old To His Late Wife

The good Lord definitely works in mysterious ways. It took the whole 96 years of Fred Stobaugh’s life for him to be transported from relative obscurity to worldwide limelight, thanks to the letter he penned to his wife. Sitting alone in his living room one month after the death of his wife, he decided to… Read more “Oh Sweet Lorraine” – Emotional Song From A 96 Year Old To His Late Wife

Enter your Password [JOKE]

I was working in a wall street investment bank about 10 years ago when someone from the Information Technology group came by our office asking us to enter our passwords in the new sofware system. My colleague, Barry, with his usual rebellious attitude, entered the password, “penis” We nearly died laughing when the computer issued… Read more Enter your Password [JOKE]

Still On GOtv

Going back to the DSTV retail shop in Lekki to pick up a GOtv branded cable TV package was not without apprehension and skepticism. My first visit was not a fulfilling one, I really was not impressed with the picture quality I was shown . Also, no thanks to the limited coverage of GOtv’s signals… Read more Still On GOtv

The Story Of Creation

In the beginning there was the Computer. And God said C:>LET THERE BE LIGHT! Enter user-id. C:>GOD Enter password. C:>OMNISCIENT Password incorrect. Try again. C:>OMNIPOTENT Password incorrect. Try again. C:>TECHNOCRAT And God logged on at 00:00:01 day 1. C:>LET THERE BE LIGHT! Unrecognisable command. Try again. C:>CREATE LIGHT Done C:>RUN HEAVEN AND EARTH And God… Read more The Story Of Creation

Help Desk [Joke]

Just a nice little story to remember and think of when you think that your computer hates you! This is a story from the Word Perfect Helpline which was transcribed from a recording monitoring the customer care department. Needless to say the HelpDesk employee was fired; however, he is currently suing the WordPerfect organization for… Read more Help Desk [Joke]

I Hate Blackberry

Is it just me or are there other men out there who, just like me, have a problem with the almost endless periods their wives (or women) spend chatting on their Blackberries? Anyone? I have always given the Blackberry its due respect for what it stands for and what it has been able to achieve… Read more I Hate Blackberry