Calling For Guest Contributions

Running a blog site like the Diary of a Geek is by no means an easy task, especially if you wish to keep churning out quality articles that will positively impact on Nigerians as a whole, locally or in diaspora.

Thanks to the efforts of  Wale Falade and Eyebeekay (Chief Guest Contributor), we have been able to keep the flag flying this far.

In a bid to keep our ratings up, we are inviting write-ups from everyone on any subject but preferably, write-ups with technological inclination. Emphasis would be on topics that are informative or inspirational.

Unfortunately, such contributions would not be compensated financially. However, in conjunction with, we would be rewarding a total of 12 approved articles from each contributor with ONE YEAR FREE SUBSCRIPTION to a domain name and our Personal Web Hosting Package (50GB Disk Space & 150GB Bandwidth). All 12 articles are expected to be submitted within a year but the reward would be given after the 6th article has been submitted.

Contributors are expected to cite their references, if any, to articles submitted.


  1. muyiscoi says:

    i’m interested in writing for this site. How do i go about that? for samples of my writeups, you can check my blog

  2. Hello Muyiwa, please check your mail box.

  3. muyiscoi says:

    seen it. thanks. looking forward to writing for this site

  4. I am interested, I will be sending an article sooon!

  5. admin says:

    Your contribution will be very much appreciated, thank you.

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