Author: Rufai Oseni

UBER’s headache in Lagos and how it can be managed Uber; The online taxi hailing business in Nigeria has been successful but it has also been characterised by tussles with factors such as regulators, customers, the climate and other corollary challenges plaguing it.  Hitherto the most interesting stakeholder in all this has been the driver. When they got wind of the “Uber opportunity”, they Read More

Are women being marginalized in Nigeria’s tech ecosystem?

Sometime ago in Abeokuta, Ogun state of Nigeria, I had an encounter with Tola, a 15 year old girl. Tola shared how passionate she was about technology but had been sternly warned by her parents that women Engineers are not fashionable. Upon further enquiry, she confided in me that she thought it was true because there are Read More

Why aren’t Nigerian tech companies going public?

Editor’s Note: This article is a spin-off from a debate the TechCity editorial team had in our virtual newsroom. Hours of arguing for or against, the auspiciousness or ludicrousness of tech company/startup IPOs led to this first article; so gear up for more depending on how the debate goes now that it’s public. Also check Read More