Author: Onyinye Uche

The struggles of student entrepreneurs in Nigerian universities

Once upon a time, attending a university and graduating with a good degree was all you needed to secure a good job in Nigeria. Today, things have changed, good jobs are scarce and a university degree no longer guarantees one. Unfortunately, universities in Nigeria are still not keeping up with this change. Even though the Read More

4 reasons why we should kill the open office plan

When collaboration is consistently pitted against productivity in the workplace, problems arise. For employees like Sylvia who have to spend extra hours working at home despite long hours in the office, the open office plan simply does not work. The open office layout, which was developed to foster effective communication and creativity amongst employees, has Read More

Lagos-based SMEs are embracing the remote work culture and it’s working

“Won’t you go to work today?” If you have to answer this question or a different version of it frequently, especially with the suspicious glare that it typically comes with, then you probably belong to the league of remote workers. Well, in this part of the world, that could also make you some sort of Read More

How relevant is a computer science degree to a career in ICT?

Last year, Amina (not real name), a prospective computer programmer who participated in the Andela boot camp decided that her four-year-old son will not attend a Nigerian tertiary institution. She is grooming him to become a software developer and believes he will be better off spending four years as an Andela fellow rather than schooling Read More

12 valuable tips for building a successful career in tech

The path to a successful career in tech is fraught with many challenges. So we bring you vital tips backed by quotes from experts in the Nigerian tech industry that can help you on this critical journey. Look before you leap Before you choose a career, expose yourself to as many experiences as possible. Don’t Read More

A case for personalised learning in the Nigerian educational system

Despite rapid technological changes that have transformed the way we live and work; Nigerian classrooms have remained resistant to this change. Recently, Silicon Valley’s celebrated style of learning was validated by a research that proved personalised learning more effective than the traditional model of education.  Personalised learning recognizes that all children are unique, hence… Read Read More

How well-paid are software developers in Nigeria?

Ever asked yourself this same question? We attempted to answer it by putting together an anonymous survey. Based on the random responses we have gotten to our inquiries so far, we have deduced some useful insights about the work-life of software developers in Nigeria. Software developers dominate the Nigerian tech space   Our survey suggests Read More

Will Africa’s first ICT University live up to its aims?

The controversial Information Communication and Technology (ICT) University of Nigeria which will be the first of its kind in Africa was recently approved by the Federal Executive council. Even though the university is expected to commence activities in September, very little is known about how exactly it will run From information gathered, especially comments by Read More