Author: Olanrewaju Sodiq

Taxify now fully operational in Abuja. Launches with price slash and unbelievable rates

Following the news about how the expansion of Taxify to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja in Nigeria was trending across social media in the country, the cab hailing and hire platform is now fully operational in the city. In a message sent via email to all users of the cab hire platform in Nigeria, Taxify announced Read More

Infinix to launch its first Dual camera Smartphone? See teaser shared by the OEM

Infinix Mobility shared a not-so-cryptic post via her Twitter handle (@InfinixNigeria) that most likely translates into the coming of a new smartphone that will feature a dual camera lenses on the rear as its primary shooters. Two good heads are better than one, so are two good lenses. Where is this artifact & who is Read More

3 usage habits that harm your smartphone more than you think

As smartphone users, they are certain things we ignorantly do with/to our devices that does more good than harm to them. Some we know, some, we don’t. The 3 below are some common things we do daily that quietly kills our smartphone faster than we can imagine. Using substandard or low-quality accessories Many phone companies, Read More

Why you do not need a bezel-less smartphone {at least for the time being}

As earlier stated in this article where we listed some rationale behind why a completely bezel-less smartphone with 100% screen-to-body ratio may be impossible and why we may never get to see one (at least not anytime soon), well, we still strongly stand by our belief and here are more reasons why we still hold Read More

iPhone 8 officially unveiled and launched in Nigeria

The latest Apple flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8 has been officially unveiled and launched in Nigeria. Officials and representatives of Apple Inc. hosted invited guests and fans to the launching of one of the best smartphone in the world at the moment, the iPhone 8. The device was launched alongside its “older brother”, the iPhone Read More

Here are some reasons why we may never get to see a smartphone with pure “Full-View” display

Over the last couple of months (and years), numerous smartphone manufacturers have been trying and pushing so hard to cut down the size of bezels on their devices and have the highest screen-to-body ratio – all in the pursuit of a “Full View” display. I’m not sheerly ruling out the possibility of a device with Read More

See how to activate the new “Male Voice” on Google Assistant

The era we currently live in and the level we have reached technologically has warranted the need to make things much less complex. Like Apple did with Siri, the Google Assistant is Google’s way of making smartphone usage and human interaction easier. And further following Siri’s footsteps, Google have made some changes to its virtual Read More

Top 5 Online Marketplace to sell your car in Nigeria

You would agree with me that selling off an old or new car (particularly an old car) have over the years proven to be not as easy and convenient as buying one. It might take some time for that to turn around but are you planning to sell off your car(s) in Nigeria and you Read More

Do you have a budding Start-up in Nigeria? Apply for Google’s upcoming Developers Launchpad. See details

For the first time ever, Google is bringing the Developer Launchpad to Lagos, Nigeria with Co-Creation Hub (CCHub) being the host. The Developers Launchpad is a program initiated by Google and broadly aims to bring together budding start-ups or start-ups in their early stages and providing support in the form of mentorship, tutoring, guidance and Read More

Analyzing TSTV Africa’s “5000” Penetration Strategy; will it crown them King of Satellite TV in Nigeria? {cont’d}

Continuing our analysis of TSTV Africa’s “5000” penetration strategy, we conclude by looking at the second part of the strategy below. 2. Gifting 5,000 Decoders Though the satellite TV launched on the first day of October, it won’t however be available till November. But come November 1st, the Cheif Executive Office who is also the Read More

Analyzing TSTV Africa’s “5000” Penetration Strategy; will it crown them King of Satellite TV in Nigeria?

It wasn’t too long ago that Telecoms Satellites (TSTV) Africa launched in Nigeria and we also reported the incredible services they proposed to offer and the unbelievably juicy complementary bonuses and attractions that followed. One of the highlight attraction was the affordably cheap price of the Set Top Box and entire TSTV setup (compared to Read More

Features that changed the way we use smartphones {Part 2}

Picking up from where we paused on “Features that changed the way we use smartphones“, this sequel aims to highlight more features that have been introduced into our smartphones and how it has changed the ways we use our devices. Quick Charge Technology This feature and what it does is simple and direct. As the existence Read More

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