Author: Ifeanyi Ndiomewese

Why we should not glorify Nigeria’s internet penetration figures

In its most recent report for the month of September, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) put the number of internet users in Nigeria at 93 million, a slight increase from the 92.1million reported in August. It is pertinent to clarify that the term “internet users” includes subscribers who pay for Internet access (dial-up, leased line and Read More

3 ways internet startups can connect with the Nigerian market

Following an examination on why the Silicon Valley model does not work for Nigerian internet startups, here are 3 crucial pointers for closing the obvious disconnect between startups and their respective markets. Data analysis When prioritised, market data analysis can allow a company to explore unimaginable ways of attracting and retaining their customers. Interestingly, data analysis is… Read More

Experts answer 9 questions on the state of Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria

Growing up, I was fascinated by Michael Lee Baron’s I Robot (2004) and it informed my acquaintance with Artificial Intelligence (AI). I thought many Nigerians already knew about AI, but it turns out my generalisation was wrong. I recently asked Mohammed, a final year student of computer science at the National Open University of Nigeria, what he Read More

The rise of the internet farmers

When you think of farming, the image of a farmer in a remote village, working everyday under the sun, with basic farming tools comes to mind. Such imagery hardly inspires confidence in farming. Well, all of that is beginning to change. I journeyed to Ijebu-Ode, a small commercial town South-West of Nigeria, one wet afternoon. There, Read More