Author: Dennis Mathu

Samsung to make more from the iPhone X than the Galaxy S8. Wait, what?!

Samsung and Apple have been rivals for many years. They have sued each other for billions of dollars and their loyal fans never see each other eye to eye on smartphone matters. However, both companies are dependent on each when it comes to manufacturing their products. They are what social networks call “frenemies”. Apple uses Read More

Google Pixel 2 beats iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 to become highest ranked camera phone- DxOMark

Yesterday, we told you about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 becoming the highest ranked android camera phone ever. It had tied with the iPhone 8 Plus to share the number one spot globally according tests done by the DxOMark photography gurus. It seems, however, that the number one spot is highly contested nowadays, devices do Read More

Official: Google Pixel 2 and XL 2 launched, here’s all you need to know

The Google Pixel 2 and XL 2 have been in the leaks for a while. The search giant finally launched them with several new features and some disappointments as well. It is important to note that these might be the last Pixel phones to be  manufactured by third party companies since Google acquired the HTC Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 gets the first ever 100 perfect score on photography –DxOMark

A few days ago, Apple hit the headlines by taking the top spot for its camera abilities. DxOMark, a team of photography gurus that test cameras and rank them according to their ability, had awarded the iPhone 8 Plus an overall score of 94, with 96 on photography and 89 in videos recording. The 100 Read More

OPPO F3’s successor, the F5, leaks with a Full Screen Display. Here’s why it isn’t the F4

OPPO made a name for itself with the self –proclaimed OPPO F3 selfie expert. The device was a pleasure to use, as we noted on our detailed review, especially its dual selfie camera. After its success in the market, it was logical that OPPO would have a successor for it. However, we never thought it Read More

SPEED TEST: iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8; powerful processor VS huge RAM

Apple made headlines when their A11 CPU benchmarks leaked, they were the highest of any phone so far. The company has been winning speed test for many years. The hardware and software are made in-house so Apple had a better chance of optimizing it to the fullest while compared to the off-the-shelf Android approach. Now, Read More

The cheapest Nokia smartphone yet, Nokia 2, with huge 4000mAh battery to come in November

Nokia is making a comeback to the market via their new home at HMD. So far, most of their phones have been midrange with reasonable pricing, however, the company is yet to release an entry level device for first time users. Nokia 2 leaked by Evleaks According to a new rumor, HMD’s first Nokia entry Read More

This phone is a smaller alternative of the Tecno CX at half the price.

The Tecno CX is a great device, but it is also one of the most expensive phones in the Camon series. Sure, it has one of the best cameras for its price range but many phones nowadays deliver decent photography as well. Yesterday, a device was launched that shares the same CPU, RAM, design and Read More

Official: Huawei Mate 10 Lite (Maimang 6) launched with 4 cameras and full screen display

Huawei has been on the rumor mill for a while with a device whose claim to fame was a total of 4 cameras. The name kept changing between Mate 10 Lite, Maimang 6 and the G10. However, the company has just announced it in China officially using the name Maimang 6, but there are reports Read More

Forget copy-paste; Gmail will now have clickable phone numbers, map addresses and emails

If you have ever gotten a number sent to you via Gmail, you have most likely been forced to do copy-paste in order to interact with it. Most apps including popular ones like WhatsApp also force the user to go through that extra step. Only few SMS apps have been made intelligent enough to recognize Read More

How much did it cost to build the iPhone X? Hint: Profit margins are huge!

The iPhone series has always produced among the most expensive phones around. However, every year, we get the bill of materials and we end up surprised by how little the company spends on production relative to the retail price. For instance, the previous iPhones cost a little over $200 to build while they sell for Read More

Is Tecno making a competitor for the Infinix Smart and ending the Boom series in the process?

Just the other day, Infinix went back to its roots and released a truly budget friendly smartphone, the Infinix Smart. It only costs KES 7,999 at Jumia yet packs premium features such as dual front facing stereo speakers, latest Android update and great battery life. It seems the Infinix Smart had Tecno spooked and they Read More

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