Author: Daniel Anuoluwapelumi Moses

Seven (7) power quotes from Nigerian tech startup founders

Not denying the fact that you would need the best guidance available for your startup to succeed, we have compiled some quotes for your use. This is just for a start. Stay with us.   Onyeka Akumah, co-founder and CEO of Farmcrowdy in a chat with TechMoran talks on keeping good relationships with people around Read More

Mark Essien, founder has the best advice for tech startup founders

To succeed with your tech startup, you surely have to take steps other successful ones took and avoid mistakes they made too. Mark Essien, founder and CEO of is no doubt, a successful tech startup founder. His startup has received funding from various investors like SPARK, EchoVC, and so on. Right now, they are Read More

Cowrywise does not charge a percentage on people’s savings- Razaq Ahmed, CEO

Do you need a soothsayer to tell you how important savings is in our financial life? Of course, you don’t. As humans, adopting a regular savings culture seem to be an uphill task but it is very good that some startups are trying very much to simplify this process, and so far, they have made Read More

How Saja station is using solar energy to charge mobile phones in Nigeria, with Seyi Fakoya, CEO

Bad electricity is a major problem in Nigeria, and has led to many other secondary problems. One of these is the difficulty that comes with charging of phones. Over time, people have employed the use of generators to charge phones and many other devices, but here we are with a startup taking a different dimension. Read More

The rise of FinTech startups in Nigeria: Would we still need banks later on?

Hey, I was doing a bit of thinking and I came up with this. Are we truly approaching a period in Nigeria when we might not need the services of most conventional commercial banks? Emphasis on “conventional”. Of course, FinTech startups could be referred to as “banks” but not conventional ones. In very recent times, Read More

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