Poor Service Quality – Why NCC Got it Wrong

Recently, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in a public statement warned MTN, Globacom and Airtel that it would stop them from selling Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) cards by the end of this month if they fail to improve the quality of service (QoS) on their mobile networks. The telecommunications regulator who... more →
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Bounce Rate and How To Combat It

Google has trained us, as searchers, to believe that the top results are the best fit, most relevant and the most likely place to find the answer to our question. So the top of the search results is right where every site wants to be because, that is where the traffic is. Google may decide which site is most relevant for a particular... more →
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Does Costlier Mean More Qualitative?

A follow-up question to the question above could be – does superior branding / reputation equate to a better product? We subconsciouly (or unconsciously) almost always associate the price level of a product (or service) with its value (quality). And we confuse great branding and awesome advertising gimmickry with accompanying... more →
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