The Long Wait

long wait
Weaning my wife off her Blackberry addiction has been a very impossible task. Apparently, all my rants have come to nothing. Read my rants here. Here in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, Blackberry addiction is still quite rife. Most go to extreme lengths to get one of these devices, preferrably the flagship models. Personally, i... more →
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Why You Should Always Pay for Apps

So you just bought a smartphone or tablet, or received one as a gift. Congratulations! Now go buy some apps. No, not free apps. You, or a special someone, just spent, what, $200-plus on your new gadget? Plunk down $10 for some apps. Mobile app development is one of the last businesses in America where one or two guys with a good... more →
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How Free Apps Can Make More Money Than Paid Apps

While building apps for Apple and Android app stores can be highly lucrative ventures for developers, one of the hardest decisions an app developer has to make is how to get the app to pay for itself. Often the “monetization strategy” — shorthand for “how will this app make money?” — is left for last. It’s hard enough... more →
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How to Find What You Need Online

How to search for apps? The App Store, with its small number of categories and haphazard assignment of apps to those categories, hasn’t scaled well in terms of finding apps. The App Genius feature in iOS can help somewhat, but to find what you need, you’ll likely want to go online. There are websites that let you sort and filter... more →
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iPad – The Recommended Apps

Numerous write-ups abound on the internet, touting different apps as “must-haves” for your iPads from a repository of over 200,000 apps available in the Apple app store. Personally, i feel such recommendations are very difficult to make because different people use the ipad for different purposes. Some use theirs majorly... more →
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