Diary of a Geek Restrategizes, Now To Focus On Content Curation

Readers face an abundant and growing volume of news and news sources. There are so many great resources out there nowadays that are constantly bringing us the latest news that it has become a job in itself to keep up with all of them. There is an increasing need to find a way to keep track of all these incredible sources without it being a hassle, and at the same time sieve out news that are not newsworthy.

Obviously, the news blog that gets things right will become readers’ first and, possibly, the final stop.

Diary of a Geek continually strives to make sense of it all and we have decided on an approach to look beyond our own newsrooms and give readers a comprehensive digest of Technology news from Nigeria.

This does not, in anyway, diminish the great value of our own original content. Content curation is not a replacement for contributing our own reporting on the issues that are most important to you, our audience. Adding external content can only deliver more information, in more depth and draw even a larger audience to our original pieces.

We will not simply be importing content from other sources and making it our own (a.k.a. stealing it). On the contrary, we will display carefully curated and annotated posts within the blog with the source name, author name and publish date all clearly shown, and all the while always linking back directly to the original post.

As soon as a visitor clicks on a post title, featured image or meta data, that person is taken directly to the post on the original source website. This ensures that the authors get the credit they deserve while also providing the original source with the traffic it earned.

We are continually striving for ways to improve Diary of a Geek and to bring to you, the readers, the widest variety of Technology related news with especial focus on Nigeria.

If you will like to suggest a news source to us, all you have to do is click here and fill out this form.

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