Customizing Your Windows Send-To Menu

On a Windows PC, right-clicking on a file or folder usually display a context menu where you can select what option to use in managing selected files. Options like Compressed (zipped) folder and Desktop (create shortcut) are usually available by default. To add more menu options to the context menus: For a Windows 7 or Vista PC,... more →
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How to Secure Your USB Drive

Losing a USB flash drive can be the stuff of nightmares if it contains sensitive or valuable information. There are many hardware and software options available for use in encrypting the contents of your flash drive and also to lock it down with a password. However, the major problem with most of these software options is that you... more →
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories: The C Pen Review

Samsung C Pen
The C Pen is a capacitive stylus made to work specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Unlike most capacitive stylus that have a big soft rubber on the tip  that tend to be much softer to the point where they squish in considerably, the Samsung C Pen gives you a more precise input option due to its soft, yet firm, 3.5mm pointed tip. The... more →
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My Pretty Valentine … [Geek Love]

geek valentine
Over the years, i have come to realize that the nerds and geeks, someway-somehow, always seem to end up with the prettiest, fashionable and socially confident women around. My case is no different, i am married to probably one of the prettiest of them. However, on the flip side, we also end up getting married to some of the worst... more →
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Android’s Killer Feature

It is no secret that Android has lots of good stuff going for it, but one of the platform’s most useful and distinguishing features is one you rarely hear discussed. I’m talking about Android’s system-wide sharing capability — a process built into the operating system that many people take for granted. Android’s... more →
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Android Lock Screens, Which Option Has the Best Security?

Mobile devices are real gateways into our lives. By accessing someone’s phone, you could potentially see their email, text messages, call log, what they been taking pictures of, contact list, browsing history and any notes or to-do lists they may have. Think about that for a minute. If somebody, a complete stranger, were to access... more →
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What’s Your BB PIN?

blackberry babes
“What’s your BB pin?” The question is the ultimate social status badge for many young, urban Nigerians. Standing in front of a row of gleaming BlackBerry handsets in a Lagos phone shop, sales assistant Remi Olajuwon explained: “The average Nigerian has a very healthy interest in status and luxury. So if somebody... more →
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Samsung Phones Secret Codes

Perhaps only the geeks would be interested in this but it is good to know that with just a few keystrokes from your phones, you can get your hands into the innards of your device. Most of these codes are guaranteed to work on any Samsung Android device. **USE WITH CAUTION** *#0*# — SensorDiagnotics *#03# — NAND Flash... more →
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Browsing With Glo BIS On PC And Mobiles – So What Gives?

Cautiously, i typed the keyword coweek on my phone and sent it via sms to the shortcode 777. All the while, i had my fingers crossed. Thankfully, the procedure described above deducted N400 (US$2.50) from my call credit and gave me a week access to Globacom internet services, with a data limit of 700MB. So, why was i being cautious?... more →
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How To Root Or Unroot Your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

Rooting Your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 Search and install the superuser app from google play. Install on your phone. Download to your PC the rooting file from here. Save in your phone memory card. Enter recovery mode by holding down the “Volume Up” and the “Home” keys while powering the device on. Scroll... more →
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Google To Converge Android OS And Chrome OS By 2013?

The China Commercial Times reports that Google has placed hardware orders with Taiwanese manufacturers Compal Electronics and Wintek to produce a Chromebook with a 12.85-inch touch display. Could this be the start of Google merging Android and Chrome OS? Chromebooks are lightweight laptop and desktop devices that use the Chrome Web... more →
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Firefox OS: Another Lab Experiment?

Screenshot (19)
There are now a good number of mobile OS out there, with many still considered as not more than lab experiments. The likes of Jolla and Tizen fits this description perfectly. Jolla, in particular, has a tall order of competing with Research In Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS, as well as the latest version of Windows Phone for... more →
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