1. Good news.

    I remember telling an individual that BB services (especially Chat) can be integrated with other services, and he dumbly constinued to insist that they couldn’t because of the encryption.

    Apparently, he never heard of BlackBerry Connect that some of us used on Symbian devices years ago. Hopefully, he has heard of this news and has learned the error of his ways.

  2. But really, i am not sure how it is going to help them if they release the app to other platforms. That's probably the only thing that makes the BB unique. Even if i had thoughts of buying a BB, now i will never buy.

  3. Noni

    I’m not sure what difference it would make – if they did this years ago it may have made a difference.

    Many of us who don’t have Blackberrys have managed fine with Whatsapp, eBuddy, Nimbuzz etc. And Blackberry users have also adopted the same.

    A bit late to the party.


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