4 thoughts on “Best Alternatives to Outlook

  1. Well interesting article. I decided recently to switch fully to open source but I still have dreamweaver and windows os left to overcome. I'm currently learning how to use Ubuntu Linux which I installed on my other partition. I stopped using microsoft office for openoffice.org currently and when it came to which alternative for outlook for me to use Mozilla's Thunderbird was my choice. I'm suprised that Mozilla Thunderbird was not included to this article. Unlike Outlook, I realized that Thunderbird was easier to use and had a simple interface that had the ability to open mails in new tab.

    That's all I'll say… (for now)

  2. Never been a fan of Outlook’s PIM as I haven’t used it on my personal computer in years. After reading this, I’ve installed Lightning which is working a treat. Still trying to decide if I prefer this or a stand alone PIM.

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